Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Get Fit For These Fab Benefits

*Collaborative post

Even though we all know that we should try to get a little fitter, there are still quite a few of us who would much rather spend an hour on the sofa rather than in the gym. I know just how tempting it can be not to work out! However, I’m sure that if we remind ourselves of the various benefits that come with improved fitness, a lot more of us would be signing up to our local gyms or pounding the streets on regular runs.

Are you still a bit in the dark as to what the exact benefits of being fit are? Most of them are to do with improved health, but here’s a quick list of some of the various advantages you’ll benefit from if you do increase your weekly exercise routine.

Reduce Your Risk To Certain Illnesses

One of the main reasons why people strive to improve their fitness is because it will lower their chances of developing certain health conditions. For instance, high blood pressure, heart disease and diabetes are a lot more common in people who aren’t that active and lead an unhealthy lifestyle. If you learn about diabetes and these other worrying conditions, I’m sure it will persuade you to think about going to the gym more each week as it has me. As long as you are active throughout the week and are at a healthy weight, you should be able to significantly reduce your chances of developing these health conditions.

Enjoy More Energy

Some people think that doing more exercise will leave them drained and very tired. That really isn’t the case, though. In actual fact, many people are surprised at just how much energy they have when they do start to do more exercise. That’s because being active will energise your body, and you will feel a lot more able to get through the day. Even people who suffer from fatigue caused by chronic diseases have been known to increase their energy levels through plenty of exercise.

Sleep Better

Don’t worry, though; you won’t be so energetic that it is hard for you to fall asleep at night. You will actually find that doing more exercise can improve your sleep patterns. That’s because your body will have done enough activity for it to be tired and ready for bed. Just make sure that you are doing exercise at least a couple of hours before your usual bedtime or else the adrenalin in your body could end up keeping you awake. During the couple of hours before you go to bed, your body should use up all the adrenalin and you will start to feel tired naturally.

Improved Mental Health

Did you know that doing plenty of exercise can bring lots of benefits to your mental health as well? It’s true! Many people who suffer from mental health issues usually find that their problems are reduced by doing more exercise. There are various reasons why this may be. Getting out there and doing something will give you a sense of achievement, which can boost your mood. Not only that, though, but the body will produce more endorphins during and after exercise, which are needed to improve and level out moods.

Lose Some Weight

If you have been struggling to maintain a healthy weight by simply dieting, then you might need to start adding some extra exercise to your daily routine. Being more active will kick start your body’s metabolism so it will burn a lot more calories through the day. If you pair that along with a reduced calorie intake, then you should start to notice some big changes to your weight. 

Strengthens Your Bones

There are some people who worry about exercise’s effect on their bones. They believe that the strain from running, as an example, can damage their knees and other bones in their legs. This isn’t the case - in fact, exercise is known for its ability to strengthen the body’s bones. If you are completely new to exercise, then you might want to start off with some light weightlifting, which is an exercise that is known for preventing bone conditions like osteoporosis, especially in women. Once you have strengthened your bones that way, you can start to incorporate some more cardio into your routine, to get the full range of benefits from your exercise. If you do have any issues for example back damage like me, then find something that suits and works for you and your lifestyle.

As you can see, there are loads of great reasons to get fit and it's a great time to get active, get outside for a walk and feel healthy for the warmer weather.