Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Home Style || Make Your Home Office More 'You'

Many of us work from home and it's SO easy to be distracted and it's especially easy to be lured away from your home office to a comfy sofa or bed, but it's not always quite so productive.

Why not get to styling your home work space, making it somewhere that not only you love to work in, but would quite happily live in given the chance. Our work space doesn't have to be bland, it needs to feel comfortable, enticing and most importantly inspiring for whatever work it is that you do there.

Forget boring desks, magnolia walls and dull storage, think motivating, bright, inviting. We want to step into our office and feel away from home, feel away from family life, the chores, the noise and be working somewhere that gets the ideas flowing and makes us want to stay there for our full working hours. Breaking away from home life itself is most important and without caging ourselves away, it's important to have that segregation between home, family and business. Does your work space need an overhaul?

If you're in need of ideas to transform your home office into the mojo making ideas factory you need it to be, then check out these ideas to create your perfect work space.

Desk - Made | Sage desk - Habitat | Peg Board - Red Candy | Magazine rack - Red Candy | Lloyd Loom Swivel Chair - John Lewis | Shelf Unit - John Lewis | Cactus lights - iWoot | Cube shelf - Homebase | Phone - John Lewis | Daylight desk lamp - Amazon  | Wallpaper - Amazon | Cable organiser - Amazon | Echo - Amazon 
With decor and furniture, it doesn't need to be extravagant to feel like an exciting place to be. White walls with some fitting accessories or even a feature wall in your favourite style can just give you the boost you need.

When it comes to furniture, we need things to be practical but there are so many options not for something that fits the bill professionally but also suits us personally and matches our tastes. Above there are two simple but beautiful desks that are much nicer to look at in your own home than traditional desks. With added storage like the cube system, extra shelving and some personal touches to brighten your day, you're well on your way to creating the right work space. When choosing something like a phone, go for something you love to look at as they all do pretty much the same thing. Display your work related magazines, books or papers in a sleek modern wall mounted rack instead of piled in a corner and display your notes on a fitting peg board alongside those inspirational quotes and family pictures. Brighten your day (literally) with a day light lamp, with a few 'just because you love them' novelty lights thrown in. Have Alexa on hand for any questions, research or background music and don't be afraid to experiment with colour, whilst adding some air purifying plants to add a splash of colour and life to your working hours.

Coffee bin - Red Candy | House cabinet - Red Candy | Pom Pom clips - Paperchase | Daily/Weekly planners - Paperchase | Storage boxes - Red Candy | Weather predictor - Red Candy | Osco phone holder - John Lewis | Drawers - John Lewis | Female Future print - Juniqe | Calendar - Juniqe | Watermelon notebook - Juniqe | Stamps - Hema | Clear mag files - Hema | Highlighters - Hema | Letter board - Hema 

One of the best things about working from home is that you can make all the style choices yourself. You don't have to stare at boring black box files or memo boards, you don't have to see what's left in the stationary cupboard, it's all you and you can truly reflect that by choosing accessories that make you smile when you see and use them. No matter what your business, however creative, stressful or busy you may be there are always touches we can add that reflect our tastes and make working that bit more enjoyable.

Do you have a home office in need of a little tlc?