Tuesday, February 05, 2019

Home Style || 2019 Home 'To-Do' List

Last year we took on a mammoth project by undergoing a total kitchen transformation, which at times was hair pullingly stressful, but the end result has been pretty good. With a few spots still to finish and the finishing touches to go up, it's nearly done and another room to tick off our house list. 

Having been here nearly ten years, we're getting to the point where all that decorating we did when we moved in is now looking a bit tired and although it doesn't feel like ten years, it's really beginning to look like it in places.

Obviously, like most things we are restricted by money, time and living in a chaotic house full of pets and kids, but I do want to have a rough plan in place for this year so we know what we need to tackle/buy and also so you can get an idea of what may be coming on the blog when it comes to our home and follow any projects that may be of interest.

Even though it can seem like a depressing amount of work to do, it does help having a list of what we'd like to do, as well as knowing what we've achieved so far. Here's a list of what we've got planned for this year and I'm really hoping for the first time in ten years we can actually have the house completely decorated top to bottom. Anything we've already done will have a nice ✔️ next to it, purely to make the rest of the list less daunting for me.


New kitchen ✔️
New appliances ✔️
New floor ✔️
New ceiling ✔️
New lighting ✔️
Wall removed ✔️
Shelves up
Pictures hung
Painting woodwork
Fitting window sills
Deep clean conservatory roof
Fix conservatory fittings (externally)


Declutter ✔️
New storage furniture
Hang wall decor
Replace light fitting
Fix electric points
Clean carpets

Front room

Declutter ✔️
Empty storage box for shoes ✔️
Replace curtains ✔️
Fix electrics
Sort trinkets and pictures
New blankets ✔️
Deep clean ✔️


Deep clean
Sort coats ✔️
Hang new pictures
Replace stair carpet
Re-paint walls

Kids rooms

Declutter ✔️
Sort furniture in both rooms
Repaint walls (Alf's room)
Clean carpet (Alf's room)
Fix ceiling (Alf's room)
Deep clean


New bathroom suite
New tiles
New mirrors & storage
Re-paint wood work
Deep clean
Replace toilet seat
Declutter ✔️

Master bedroom

Repaint walls & ceiling
Replace light shades
Replace bedside tables ✔️
Deep clean
Fix up furniture
Declutter ✔️
Sort office space
Hang office shelves


Repaint front woodwork
Fix up front wall
Plant tree in front garden
Weed back garden
Plant up back garden flower beds
Lay synthetic grass to back garden

That's our lot for this year, though I doubt we'll get even half of it done, it's our tenth year so we really have to try! I really want to enjoy our garden more in summer too, so we need to get stuck in right now. What's on your home list this year?