April 09, 2015

Insta Natural Vitamin C - Youth Express Night Cream - Product #Review

I'm 31 in two weeks and have two children, neither of which want to sleep well at the moment. I'm a tired, sometimes stressed, ex smoker (boo) with a very basic beauty regime.

When I was offered a trial of Insta Natural's night cream I jumped at the chance.
Who better to put a beauty cream to the test? I certainly liked the sound of it and what it could transform me into. I didn't know what to expect, because I've used various products before and wasn't very familiar with the Insta Natural brand.

"Night Cream Moisturizer Treatment for Face - 
Infused with Vitamin C, Niacinamide (Vitamin B3), Matrixyl 3000, Rosehip Oil & Argan Oil - Made With Natural & Organic Ingredients".

After 3 days my pores were visibly reduced and skin vastly improved,

This product boasts a lot of exciting results, some of which are; Anti-ageing benefits, soothing acne and blemishes, deeper hydration and a reduction of redness with irritated skin. This cream had me interested from the get go. I could see and feel a difference after one day and I was intrigued to see what could become of my rapidly increasing wrinkles and giant pores that I thought I had to just live with. It was genuinely exciting to see my face appear smoother and younger within only a few days. I was pleased to put the claims from the amazon listing to test, which to be fair were completely true. I would say this product 'Does what it says on the tin'.

 "Reduces the Appearance of Fine Lines, Wrinkles, Hyper Pigmentation & Uneven Skin Tone - Guaranteed to Improve Complexion!"

I also have blotchy dry skin and however much I cleanse, it feels like I'm putting my makeup on an old dish cloth. This product has changed all that in just a short time and I am so pleased to review such a genuinely great product. My makeup is easier to apply and I have probably halved the amount of foundation  I use each morning as my skin just doesn't need as much coverage.

My smoother more 'youthful' skin to apply my make up to.
Product details

  • Cost £17.95 (free postage)
  • Where from? Amazon 
  • How much is in the bottle? 100ml
  • How you do apply it? Apply to face and neck in a circular motion with fingertips from the nose outwards. Let the cream absorb into the skin.
  • Packaging.
    The cream arrived from amazon in one of their cardboard cases with a see through plastic cover. The labelling is clear and gives all the details of the products advantages.The bottle has a satisfying smooth pump action allowing you to get as much or as little out as you'd like.
  • Texture
    The cream is white,  light and soft and feels thick but not greasy. I guess you'd see the difference here as the more budget creams have a cooler, thin, wet like texture. 
  • Application 
    When applying this, I cleansed first with a general Micellar water then applied this liberally to my neck and face. Paying particular attention to my forehead, crows feet, eye bags and cheeks. There is no strong smell to the cream just a very very light fragrance. I have very sensitive skin and had absolutely no issues. It feels quite lush and thick but it is absorbed very quickly, leaving the skin almost rubbery (in a very good way!) smooth and dry leaving it feeling healthier and moisturised! This feeling is still there in the morning too. When makeup is applied the next day it goes on noticeably smoother than normal. The instructions do state to cleanse and tone first but as I have only recently been using micellar water I didn't want to introduce a toner which may distract from any positive results from the night cream.
  • Continued use
    After a few days I felt the pores on my cheeks appeared reduced. In fact I could see clear results in the mirror too. My skin had plumped a little and had a generally more youthful look to it than before I began using his cream. The whole of my first week of trial I felt so much better about my skin, this continued. The pores seemed to shrink by the day and I felt a lot healthier looking and even had a comment to say I was looking really well. My skin looks so much more even and less dry now.
I am intrigued to see what else the brand has to offer. I will carry on using this nightly and will be restocking when this runs out, or at least dropping heavy hints as a birthday gift!

I was given this product in exchange for my honest review. The thoughts and words written in this review are my own and in no way influenced by Insta natural.


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