April 25, 2015

Pregnancy Dreams

I don't tend to dream very often. I think I have to be in a really deep coma like state to dream, but I do occasionally.
When I was pregnant though, I had really crazy dreams. Some dreams would be funny, some morbid and some really bizarre (I gave birth to a never ending snake once). 
I wondered if there was any connection with pregnancy and bad dreams, did I eat too much cheese? It seems that the combination of having more on your mind and not achieving deep sleep due to those delightful pregnancy traits (waking frequently for the loo or getting leg cramps) could be to blame. 
If we are waking frequently then apparently we are more likely to remember our dreams.

Here's some of the ones that really stuck out for me.

The white dress baby

I had this dream with my first pregnancy. I was in this heavenly like place, all dressed in white (totally not my colour), it was cloudy, breezy and beautiful and I was walking down steps for the longest time. 
At the bottom of the steps stood a bandstand type affair, draped with white fabrics and a beautiful white moses basket with a little pink smiley baby in a white christening dress type outfit. I would pick the baby up, cuddle it then lay in this big white bed and have the best cuddly sleep ever. 

The hair monster

I remember watching a programme once where a man was growing his twin in his stomach. Years later they operated and removed this mass of flesh and teeth. Yep you guessed it, that's what I gave birth to in my dream, only mine was mixed with super long matted hair, yuck. Slight contrast to the lovely white dress baby dream!

Cake party

This dream found me in a night club with Rick Waller. Does anybody remember him? Apparently he is firmly attached to my subconscious as this was not my first RW dream! 
Anyway, the lights would go down after a power cut at the club. They then locked us in (no idea why). Rick Waller opens up his bum bag ('fanny pack' for any American folk) and pulls out a Tupperwear box of cake, inviting me to sit and eat a slice. 
Me being too polite and a cake addict, take him up on his offer and we sit eating until the lights are back and the doors unlocked. Once the club is running again, I get back to dancing (alone and quite badly) and off goes Rick and his empty lunch box. Thank god it wasn't a sexy dream.


I can make connections with the baby dreams, but Rick and cake? I have no clue. Maybe I just fancied some cake and my brain sees him as the ultimate cake peddlar! There were lots more too, some morbid and horrible and some weird and wonderful.

I'm so glad i don't dream like that all the time. Did you have strange dreams when you were pregnant? I'd love to hear yours too, especially if a cake sharing Rick appears!

Thanks for reading!


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