April 30, 2015

Keeping Motivated: May Weightloss & Fitness

Another month gone, where did that go?! April had lots of ups and downs and tests of my ever so slightly existent willpower. We had Easter, our birthdays and a lovely family holiday.
I ate a crazy amount of chocolate, but I love Easter and LOVE Cadburys, of which we had plenty. I think I was able to keep on top of my weight loss by making better plans, i.e - a light salad for lunch, so that I can have some chocolate in the evening. Before I started on this journey I would have sat like a pig in the proverbial and scoffed the lot, there was a bit of self control this time, so I am pretty happy with that!

Tasty healthy snacks - yum!
Our holiday was amazing and everything a holiday should be including the treats.

My April goals were;
  • Lose a pound a week
    I did this and have now lost 28.5lbs in total.
  • Drink more water
    I started each day with a pint of water with either lemon juice, fruit or both. I feel so much better having more water, it really seems to wake my brain! I went off track a little on holiday and had to set a daily reminder on my Weight Watchers app to get me back in the habit.
  • Exercise 3 X per week
    This one hasn't been as successful, but I have increased my activities and forced myself off the sofa more, even if just to run up and down stairs to do something extra. Our holiday included lots of walking and we've done lots if trampolining at our local farm since getting back.
  • Be positive about my body
    Well this was a toughie, I didn't exactly stand naked in front of the mirror 'high fiving' my wobbly bits but I did go and get myself a pretty girly dress to wear to a wedding in June. Its flattering for my shape (I think!) and pulls in at the waist - its not black too! 
Yum yum.
Overall, April was a pretty succesful month. I'm getting to where I want to be slowly but surely. I never feel hungry and don't feel like I am on any kind of diet, exactly how it should be.

Totally addicted to home made burgers!

Goals for May

The idea of May makes me feel sick. I'm back at work at a hot counter in the supermarket. It is tasty food but once you've cleaned out a dirty pile of chicken pans at 9pm that have been sat there all day, you kind of don't want to eat a thing! I don't know if work will help or hinder my progress but we will see.
  • Take snacks for work breaks.It will be tempting to buy from the cheap vending machines in the staff canteen on my break, but they are filled with pure rubbish. I only get 15 minutes and shouldn't really need anything, but I'll stick a snack in my bag just in case.
  • Lose 1lb a weekSame as last month my aim is for 1lb per week, I'd be really happy with this as it would get me so much closer to the next stone bracket! 
  • Prepare lunches in advanceI had a few (lots of) days recently where the baby was playing up, toddler acting the lunatic and I really struggled to find the time to make something good to eat. Something about 'failing to prepare is preparing to fail' kind of fits here! 

So that's it for this month, wish me luck!


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