April 04, 2015

Keeping Motivated: April Weightloss & Fitness

After recently seeing and feeling the benefits of my weight loss so far, I want to set monthly goals to keep me motivated and inspire me to carry on. I do struggle at times, particularly on days like today where I'm tired and the cupboards are bulging with chocolate (Cadbury's too - my favourite)! 

Maybe I should just go and have one big mega binge and get it all gone? Or maybe I shouldn't. Roll on Wednesday which is my cheat day. Showing restraint until then will be an amazing achievement by itself! Easter is once a year, I love chocolate and I will be eating some of this. I need to learn that I can eat whatever I like but these are treats and be realistic that I won't go the rest of my life not having them, just learning to not binge on them or have them every day.

Beautiful chocolate.
Here are my goals for April, hopefully nothing too unachievable but writing them down just might help me stick to them.

Lose 1lb per week

Last week I lost a pound and felt a bit disapointed as I felt I had worked so much harder than I had done recently. I am attempting to stop my negativity and remember that my one pound is the same as eight whole sausages - and that is quite a bit! I also need to remember that it's ok to come off slowly as I want to keep this up and change my lifestyle long term not just drop a load of weight. I have life long (bad) eating habits to break and I can't undo those over night. 

One pound a week now would mean another 37 pounds off by Chrismas, and thats whopping! Even half that and I would be more than happy and have made myself even healthier by bringing down my BMI even more. 

Matching my head wear to my sandwich, of course.

Drink more water 

I realised that some days I was drinking no water, not a sausage. I was drinking skimmed milk but more as a snack replacement than to hydrate. I was feeling really tired and rough and a couple of days of a little extra water really made me feel so much better. The hardest thing for me is the mornings, I feel I have to really force it down so I'll add some lemon juice as suggested by a friend or even a little squash to start with. Why is it so much easier to drink from a bottle than out the tap? I used to work in an office about three feet from the water machine and drank water constantly, whats changed? I think I just got lazy.

Water, it seems I need it.

Exercise 3 times per week.

This will be anything from an extra walk in the park, a work out DVD or a few activities on the Nintendo Wii. I'm not feeling brave enough yet to brave the outside world in sportswear, yikes.

And finally - Be positive about my body

Yep I'm a full on bag of cheese balls I know but all this positive thinking, self love crap stuff does seem to work so I'm going to keep it on like Donkey Kong for as long as I can. I've had to learn recently that life is too short to A) Not look after yourself and B) Be negative about everything, including myself.

My babies, the reason I need to be healthy and happy.

So that's it, a little late but my goals for April. I will bring my next update in a few weeks to see how I've got on.

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