Friday, April 17

Slim Treats

I want to give my motivation a little mid month 'boost', or rather a mega kick in the proverbial.

I've had a low few days following sickness (all of us, plus a teething baby, plus no sleep) and need to focus on the good things, particularly with a holiday and birthday on the horizon and goals I need to reach!

I thought I'd write a little list of all the positive things that have come from losing weight so far. I'm just short of two stone so not a great deal really as its about a third of what I have to lose to be deemed 'healthy'. Garrrr. Enough though for some differences you may not (I didn't) expect so early.
Face is as much as I'm sharing today!
I can run up our hill

We live on a really steep hill, right at the bloody top. Before this journey began, I would walk up better than most people after years of practice, but I still needed at least one quick breather. I forgot my purse the other day and we were late and I actually RAN up it, this blew my mind. I may have felt like I wanted to die right there and then buts its still a massive achievement! I felt like a chubby Forest Gump, proud.

I have gone down to a high street size

I've gone from being either the biggest size, or too big in some normal shops. I have gone down a couple of sizes in most shops and can now be excited about clothes again.

I have already kicked bad habits

I used to have treats every day, at least once. This behavior was rubbing off on my toddler - not good. I felt totally irresponsible but we are both eating better and having the treats as treats and not every day snacks. 

My shape has changed

It's changed so much! My legs are literally about half the size and my waist is back. My tummy has gone down, my bum has halved (it had its own postal address before - huge) and I am feeling a whole load better about my general shape. I'm not even dreading swimming on holiday, that's a pretty big deal for me.

I feel happier when I look in the mirror

I was avoiding the mirror before, now I take a sneaky look all the time. My clothes are hanging better and I am so much happier with what I see.

I feel healthier.

Health is my main reason for doing this and it feels good to feel better. I cant explain exactly why I feel healthier - other than breathing a little easier, I just do. If i get a good nights sleep I even have a little energy and my mood is generally better and more positive.

That's enough for now to keep me going. I hope I can keep this up as I am excited to see how good it feels to be super fit and healthy, I'm not sure I ever have been! So far soooo good.

Thankful for the wet stuff - love it.

Thanks for reading! 


  1. You are doing really well. I'm just trying to get started with my journey and am using my blog to try to keep me in check.


    1. Thank you :) Good luck! It definitely helps. I feel the more things I make public the more I have to stick to it. After the first 7lbs you can really feel a difference then I think it gets abit easier xx


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