April 16, 2015

Our Spring/Summer Fashion - Baby & Toddler

I've always loved dressing my son up and although the novelty of washing tiny clothes has worn off quite a lot, OK completely, the shopping and putting his little outfits together hasn't.  
A lot of their clothes are pre-loved (missing my fuller wage packet) but it's still easy to put awesome little looks together and mix old with new. I love to have a little splurge when I get chance and get them some lovely new bits. A's always been very choosy about what he wears himself, he definitely has his own style.

The babes - A in his favourite floppy hat...

I've now got a daughter too and I am loving dressing her, especially in all the colours and patterns that I can't get away with myself! (I'm porky and most patterns make me look like a sofa or a badly dressed sugar pig). I got her some amazing leopard print sunglasses today in Primark, I just need her to be as excited as me, then maybe she will actually keep them on her head!

Baby S - dreamy!

Looking to summer and all the excitement of sunshine (minus the fact we are all paper white and sunburn capital) I'm excited for all the new things they can wear.

For him
A is 3 and a half and looks a total dream boat in everything he wears. I'm loving nautical colours and patterns and always classic checked shirts and tee-shirts. He has a sun hat from last year that he just won't give up so we will be seeing that floppy straw affair for another summer but it is very very cute so all is good in this hood. I have seen a nice trilby in Primark which we may have to invest in, just in case. We as parents are of the ex skater/rock/hip hop/ska/punk/god knows what else persuasion and there is a definite streak of this in his wardrobe too.

For her
Baby S is such a happy little squish. She really suits floral prints, polka dots and all things girly. Think more Kidston than Barbie though. My plan of her wearing her brothers hand me downs has mostly gone to pot except for his pjs, vests, band tees and jeggins. 

The thing I just can't get enough of are the head wraps/bands. I've got a few in but I am starting to make my own too so the worlds our oyster, and sorry (not sorry) I may even make us matching. In fact I think we may end up with a lots of matching things once I can brave something prettier than my normal head to toe black!
H&M has my tastes down to an absolute tee, and always has done. I am using their latest collections of beautiful baby/kids clothes in my wish list shop to show my chosen looks.
They are so reasonably priced in there we have already managed to grab a few of these bits from our local store, and earmarked the rest.

Here are my wish list items for this spring/summer! Enjoy!

(Thank me later and send my sincere apologies to the wallet!)

Clockwise, Cat hat, sunnies, kitty shoes and polka dot romper. Floral 

harems, striped vest, cardi and hairband. Floral jumpsuit (love!). Floral 
Coat, grey harem pants, kitty tees and pink cat hat (older girls range.)

Clockwise - Pirate swim set, hat, slip-ons and sleeveless hoodie for an
extra layer. Striped vest and shorts with trilby and sandals. Triple denim, 

woo-hoo! With an amazing octopus tee. Some wardrobe staples with a 
cool tee and high tops.

What looks are you loving this year? If you see anything you think we would like please comment and let me know...

Thanks for reading! 

To view these items in full detail you can visit the H&M website by clicking here.


  1. Your babies should be models. Love the looks and as for matching, big thumbs up.

    1. Thank you, yours will be! I'm glad your'e a matchy fan!! x

    2. Thank you, yours will be! I'm glad your'e a matchy fan!! x

  2. I love H&M for bits for my boys, love those shorts with the braces, so cute x

    1. Thank for reading :) I have always loved their shorts and braces! I wish they had the boys tights they sell now when my son was small, so cute! X

  3. Such cute outfit ideas; your little ones look so lovely in their clothes! I love the octopus tee and the shorts with the braces as well as the cardi and Floral jumpsuit!