April 26, 2015

My Gratitude List: Week 2

A particularly lovely week this week, it's time to reflect.

On our Welsh adventure.
This weeks gratitude list: Week 2

1. Having an amazing holiday.
2. Seeing brown bears in the flesh at The Welsh Mountain Zoo. May have cried just a little.
3. Seeing my son the happiest he's ever been and having fun.
4. Getting quality family time all together.
5. Eating whatever I wanted for a whole week after months of good (food) behaviour.
6. Paddling in the sea.
7. Catching shrimp, crabs and fish in the rock pools, taking me right back to childhood.
8. Braving a humongous water slide, twice.
9. Turning 31 and feeling pretty good.
10.  Braving a swim suit (even if it was quickly covered up when I realised how little of my bum was covered).

Thanks for reading!

Linking up with the Enchanted pixie's 52 weeks of gratitude.

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