Thursday, January 14, 2016

Beautiful Home Buys: Asda Living

Purple Jar | Wire Storage | Orange Tumbler | Panda Cups | Bear Cushion | Glass Frame | Letter 'A' | Faux Horns | Flower Press | Retro Microwave | Chair | 30's Mirror | Mermaid Hand Mirror | Cat Cushion | Green Pouffe | Retro Clock | Sail Away Cushion.

When it comes to shopping it's firstly about what catches my eye and secondly down to price. It's not just that we have to keep costs down, though that's always good, but also having two children in the house it's just not worth being too precious about things or spending a fortune on anything too expensive, as it's inevitably going to end up strewn with coat hangers and full of cheese crisps.
I love Asda's home section as it's a win on both these counts. It's easy on the pocket and they always have a fun mix of colours, patterns and illustrative designs on offer. I loved last years nautical themed items and I'm still kicking myself that I missed out on most of them. They literally have something perfect for every room, catering for every taste too - as I'm sure mine won't be everyone's cup of gravy.

This Spring looks like it's set to be packed with even more goodies. I love a good virtual shop and have done just that here with some of my firm favourites from their current collections. I love bursts of colour through our home as well as lots of mismatched textures. As much as want to have a clean living, minimalist home it just isn't meant to be. I must just love a bit of clutter, a wee bit of chint and a rainbow of colour throughout. Anything retro has my name on it too and I don't even care if it's completely different decades, it's time traveller chic-ness, or something like that.

What are your favourite high street stores for home buys at the moment?

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