Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Waffle: The 7 P's & Parenting

I remember my old boss talking about the 7 P's, have you heard of it? It stands for Proper Planning and Preparation Prevents Piss Poor Performance. Lovely hey! It was all about preparing for our sales calls/projects/events and making sure we had everything in place before we started, so that we achieved more success. I'll admit,, I thought it was a huge chunk of cheesy bollocks and hated every minute of those 'pep talks'. As someone that would probably have some kind of attack picking up the phone up without being fully prepared for questions anyway, it seemed a totally pointless exercise and one of those typical 'managerial motivational' mumbo jumbo things, that some of them say because it's in their job description to be a little bit of an arse at times. Apparently though, the 7 P's originate from the army and US marines - which makes a lot more sense.

Actually though (and they must never know these words came out my face) they were right. If we don't make plans,  things do go to the proverbial and, the more tasks and pressures in life, the more true this becomes. Although cheesy and a little irritating having it thrust upon you at work, when you apply the 7 P's to the every day, particularly with parenting, it's basically spot on. Damn.

If I get my act together in the evening, I can prepare the kids clothes, sort some fun activities and have tasty healthy food ready for the next day. Planning these things in advance makes me happier and in turn, the children happier. Not having a stressed out rushing Mummy, makes for a much happier home.

It is partly down to laziness that his doesn't always happen I'll be honest, but that laziness comes usually from being shattered. Being shattered comes partly from being unorganised and having to stay up late to get some peace after a stressful day. It's all one big circle of greyness if I don't get organised and prepare in advance. This year I need to get my arse in gear. This year I will listen to that manager and put my planning into place. The only difference is that it's now 'Prior and proper Planning Prevents Piss Poor Parenting'.

Do you plan and prep well? Do you have any good tips for the day to day house/kids/school prep?