Monday, January 18, 2016

Clingy Mama: The School Year

As silly as this sounds, ever since A was born, I have dreaded him going to school. I've  blogged about it before when he started nursery,  but this year is the real deal. The five days a week school runs, the endless uniform searches and washes, the school gate mum's, the adventure.

A is so kind and lovely and has been glued to me for four years now, I am going to miss him in the daytime so much when he starts school full time later this year. There are so many things I wish we had done together when he was smaller, which will now have to wait for the holidays, or fit in over this next few months! 

The application went off two weeks ago, scraping in at the last second. Two schools, two lucky schools that have a chance of helping us educate this beautiful boy.

The only thing that makes this easier (so far), is knowing that he desperately needs this and he will absolutely love it.  He just missed out on this year's intake thank god, but he really would have been ready for reception.  These days though, I think being an older (bigger) child in the yeargroup is a definite advantage. There is an abundance of unused energy inside A that school will help him burn off. He has an amazing thirst for knowledge and is fascinated by everything, every single thing.

The thing that makes this hard for me is that the tables have turned now. My clingy baby is ready to spread his little wings and take that first step into the big wide world without me for all those hours, but now I am the clingy one. I want those extra cuddles in the night, I want his attention while he is trying to get things done. I knew these days were coming, which is why I tried to never waste our early years.  A is my best friend in the world, my little ray of sunshine that sees only the good in things and totally changed me and the way I see the world. How can you moan about the rain when it makes big fun puddles to jump in? The world is a better place with an A by my side.

A has a baby sister S, that is becoming more like him everyday - she has learnt from the best and so for a while I will always have a permanent sidekick, a daily reminder to have fun and enjoy the little things, even if my favourite boy is at school making someone else smile. He will make the best friend to other children, he will entertain his class and make his teachers happy with his interest in their words. My house will be quiet. My hands will feel strange without having his little ones to hold while I watch TV or take his sister out. How did my baby grow so quick?

How did you cope when your children started school? Will it be easier when the time comes?

Thanks for reading,

A ratber clingy Wafflemama.