Friday, January 01, 2016

Mum Bits - Do Kids Have All The Fun?

When I look in most high street shops, I am always struck by how much more appealing the children's clothes tend to be. It's not that I just love dressing my two in fun outfits, but the colours, patterns and designs are so much more fun and interesting. I don't see why adult clothes have to be quite so dull 99% of the time. There are a few exceptions and I do find some goodies, but they seem to be few and far between at the moment. I thought I would trawl for a few goodies that offer something a little different and shows a little of what I like at the same time. There is a fine line between dressing to suit my style and dressing like a teenager, it's not easy, especially when you hit thirty.

I love the tights from Slugs & Snails (1). Not only do they have matching ones for kids (awesome!) but they are so much fun compared to the usually plain boring ones we see in the shops for us adults. Nice tights are so hard to find, I have no idea why this is, I can't be the only one that would love funky tights like my toddler?

These necklaces (2,5 & 7) are adorable. The dinosaur and hat cat are just very different and I love the teething necklace so much, it's a total must buy, baby or not. I love dresses and looking a bit girly sometimes. I find it really hard to find one that reflects any kind of my style that doesn't just look completely silly. I love these especially the fox print one, that is top of my list. Interesting tees and sweatshirts are every day staples and I love the selection H&M have (4) and they are super cheap too. The little cat purses are adorable, a total bargain at less than a couple of pounds each and I always have a stock of them in for back up gifts!

Do you struggle to find clothes that reflect you? Do you have any brands or shops that you could recommend for me? I refuse to give in to the beige brigade and I will definitely be one of those kooky old ladies head to toe in rainbow stroking my cats.

Thanks for reading,