Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Parenting: Mama, Mummy, Mum.

For me, the moment my babies began to call me Mama was the most magical and amazing feeling. It's like winning a prize, qualifying in motherhood, making my 'Mumbership' complete. Officially communicating with my little creation. The Mama's soon move to a more round sounding 'Mummy', which is equally as cute and makes me feel pretty fuzzy at times.

Lately, my son A (4) has been dabbling with the idea of calling me 'Mum'. I don't know where it's come from, if he's picked it up from school, TV, books, who knows. Is it maybe just built in to work their way up the charts to Mum?

Whatever it is, it makes me feel odd. Not bad, just odd. It makes me realise how grown up he is, as well as how grown up I should be. I have this ever growing little man calling me Mum. Me! A can call me whatever he likes (within reason) so I don't mind really, but he does seem young. I was hoping to be a Mummy until I hit my forties, Mum is just so grown up. He occasionally calls me 'Babe' like his Dad does and went through a phase of calling me 'Sugar Tips' for a while (don't ask) so I guess I can't really complain at the Mum thing.

One day though, I suppose I will be Ma, then I'll know he's really grown up and then I guess it's Grandma. Let's hope the years slow down a little lot before that.

What age were your children when they dropped Mummy for Mum?