Friday, January 29, 2016

Waffle: Hey Valentine's Day

Valentines day isn't exactly the biggest event on our calendar, but it's nice to celebrate somehow and even my husband (the true Yorkshireman) is coming round to the idea that having a Valentine's day isn't just a 'Hallmark' attempt at getting us all to buy red fluffy stuff; it's nice to share love and make people feel special, and why not?

Valentine's day doesn't have to be all about your significant other (if you have one) either, it can be a day to just remind anyone you love, just how much you love them. There are several stories behind the origins of Valentine's day, but whatever you believe, it deserves to be celebrated by showing and sharing love even more than any other day.

Why not treat yourself this Valentine's day too, reserve some child free time for a hot bubble bath, treat yourself to a favourite drink or treat and relax. Remind yourself just how amazing you are and if you have others to pamper too, then brilliant. The more love and happiness shared the better, so whatever you get up to this February 14th - enjoy!