Sunday, January 17, 2016

Pertwood's Yacon Range: Review & Giveaway

As a budding health enthusiast I am always looking for healthy yet tasty new foods to try. The meal I struggle with most each day is breakfast. In the week we are usually pretty tight for time (literally a school run) and as much as I love my cereal in the morning, I tend to avoid it as it seems that it's either packed full of sugars, sweeteners or alternatively tastes as exciting as the cardboard box they come in. I haven't found much in between.

Until now!

I had heard of Yacon as a product, but I didn't know a great deal about it. I was pleased to be asked to try some new cereals from Pertwood, that are naturally sweetened with Yacon, meaning they are both guilt free and low GI. These cereals are packed full of nutricious ingredients to help keep your insides healthy too. I was completely surprised how tasty they are - honestly these are utterly delicious!!

The Granola option was by far my favourite and is packed with wholesome goodies. These are the perfect solution for me, as a foodie that loves good food, but has some (OK a fair bit of) weight to lose. If you are in a similar boat and would like to try these out for yourself, Pertwood have kindly offered a box of each cereal for one lucky reader! That's three tasty boxes of healthy breakfasts to see you through the frosty mornings to come.

To win your very own set of Pertwood's Yacon cereals, simply enter on the Gleam app below. 

I loved all these cereals but the Granola will be a firm fixture on my shopping list from now on, it's such a lovely way to start the day. If you aren't lucky this time, you can always pop along to Sainsbury's or Holland & Barratt to try some for yourself. Big thumbs up from this hungry mama.

Pertwood's YACON Range

Good luck!