Sunday, January 17, 2016

The HomeSense Faux Flower Market

I adore collaborating with HomeSense. Seeing what new treasures they have on offer every season gets me as excited as a kid at Christmas! As our homes and the shops clear out after the festivities, it's time to brighten things up and look to Spring.

I was invited to check out the current collection, which is an in store 'faux flower market', the biggest ever at HomeSense - I was so glad that I did! Hopefully these pictures will do it justice.

As someone with very few skills in keeping plants alive, faux flowers are a godsend. I even made my own wedding bouquets using faux flowers, which was fun and meant I could make them well in advance. I really felt at home in store among all the bright colours!

Walking into the store, it feels just like spring time has come early. There's such a huge variety of flowers and they look so unbelievably real, I couldn't help but give the petals a squeeze to double check. My favourites were the blossom branches that look like they have been cut straight from the tree - absolutely beautiful.

As well as the faux flowers themselves, you can choose from a large selection of vases, pots, accessories and even some perfume to make your faux flowers smell as good as the real thing, what a great idea. I love the fake pot plants as they were really unusual and looked far more real than most. Some are in the sale now too, so are even more of a bargain.

I love love love that you can get bouquets ready made up! These would be the perfect gift, you would never guess they weren't real and they will last forever, definitely worth stocking up on these for Mother's day.

The flowers and displays in store are truly stunning and with such a pretty selection, there is absolutely something for everyone, from the more sleek looking cactus to a country cottage bouquet.

There are also some great sales in store right now and I got some amazing bargains - £86 of products for just £21. I'll post about those soon!

Thanks for reading,