10 Things We Loved About Bluestone

Bluestone Favourites

I recently posted our review of Bluestone Wales and a few photos of our stay. We had such a good time I thought I would share my top ten highlights for anyone that may be visiting soon.  These are the 'must do's & sees' of Bluestone;

1. The peace and quiet

The whole site was stunning and although we saw the odd person, it was just so peaceful and quiet day and night - heaven compared to our inner city dwellings at home.

2. The golf buggies

The golf buggy was by far the best thing we've ever spent money on. The buggy was super fun for us to drive, the kids enjoyed it and it meant we could whizz up and down the hills hassle free.

3. The Lego wall

The adventure areas were just awesome all round, every kids dream. The thing we will miss most of all though was the giant Lego wall, now to just work out how to make it at home!

4. The giant Ice creams at Ty Coffi

The food on site was excellent and my favourite treat of all was the giant ice cream freak shake from coffee shop Ty Coffi. We had 5 scoops of ice cream - peanut butter, chocolate and salted caramel. The ice cream came in a big Mason jar with heaps of spray cream, topped with fudge pieces and crunchy nuggets with a big flake on top and caramel sauce. Heaven.

5. The old church ruins in the woods

The whole site at Bluestone makes for a lovely walk, but the church in the woods although small is definitely worth a look, it's very creepy but very pretty too.

6. The beautiful views

I love looking out on hills and greenery. The views from our accommodation were stunning and I wish we could wake up to that every day.

7. The food at Camp Smokey

Camp Smokey was us grown ups favourite. It was fun and different and the food was tasty and reasonably priced. The open fire for marshmallow toasting was definitely an added bonus.

8. Everything at the Blue Lagoon

The Blue Lagoon swimming areas are brilliant. There is a totally separate gated area for babies and toddlers with faux rock pools which was perfect for a few minutes of relaxation while the kids splashed around. The main pool had the best wave machine I've ever been in, a lazy river, super fun flumes and lots more water fun.

9. The Accommodation & comfy beds

The accommodation was perfect. The beds and linen were luxurious and spotless, everything was fresh and tidy and we were given everything we needed to have a comfortable stay with bags of room for kids to play.

10. The stunning forest

We love a good forest and find being among the trees really relaxing. Bluestone had a stunning forest and some of the tallest trees I've ever been in. We never felt lost or that we had ventured too far, it was always quiet and peaceful, beautifully clean, natural and fun.

They were my highlights, you can catch our full review here if you missed it. Have you visited Bluestone?.