Saturday, July 02, 2016

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What's in a name?

So you've decided to start your blog, you may have even checked out my post on getting started, but you are stuck for a name. What should the name do for you? What is there to consider? 

Well, there are a number of things to think about when choosing your blog name. This post is really aimed at people that may want to continue their blog into other areas or to make money, though these points are still worth considering even if your blog is just for fun - you never know where it could lead.

There is a LOT in a name and if you get it right from the start, it saves a whole heap of work later on changing sites, emails, social media handles, as well as starting back at the start in things like blogger charts and scores (more on those another time!).

I chose my name as I am known to waffle on a bit and I am a Mama. Although I plan on blogging long term and write about all sorts, I don't think my name holds me back in any way and I love it which I hope will continue to be the case. Much like choosing a name for a baby, this can be a long and difficult process!

Here are what I consider to be the most important factors to think about when choosing a name for your blog, though I'm sure there are more out there.

How to choose a blog name

  • Brainstorm - Start by writing down on paper (remember that stuff?) all the things that interest you, anything that comes to mind about your personality, where you are from, your appearance, anything that has longevity for you. Your name doesn't have to specifically reflect a niche area so pop anything down, you never know what will emerge.
  • Make a list - Now you have your keywords, string some together, mix them up and see what comes up.
  • Shortlist - If no one name jumps out at you, choose your top couple of names and just get a feel for them over a few days to see which one sits right with you, your writing style and your life.
  • Brands - Consider a name that brands won't be put off by in the future should you wish to work with some.
  • Growth - Think of a name that will grow with you. You never know what direction your blog may take you, what new hobbies may come from it or how your life may change. Instead of picking a name like 'Becky's Banana Recipes', try and think forward to what may happen if you grow bored of banana recipes or perhaps want to branch out into fashion or beauty. In this case a name such as 'Life By Bex' or something a little more general allows scope for blog growth and subject diversity. It is completely your choice if you would prefer to have a more specific blog title, but for me it was great advice not to go with one of my original more child focused names. My blog is much more for me now and covers a lot more areas.
  • Audience - Consider your target audience, what they may search for or relate to. Will they be happy visiting a blog of that name, could it offend?
  • Google Google Google - When you have a name you like, Google it like crazy, search it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and make sure it's not already in use. It's also really important to check it doesn't have any other meanings or negative connotations, you don't want to come unstuck later on.

    And voila - now you have your heart set on a name for your blog, you have made sure that nobody has made a claim for it first, it couldn't offend, it doesn't have any other meanings etc etc, you are good to go!