Tuesday, July 05, 2016

My Happy Days List

Wellies, kids and farm cats...

Another week, another bucket of fun, craziness, tears, tantrums, pizza and babies. The weeks are just flying by aren't they? The main reason I like writing this post is to look back on the weeks where I feel nothing happened and realise that actually, we have quite a few good things going on and are really very lucky.

 Here is this weeks happy list;

  • Alf starting to want to make his own lunches. It's really sweet watching him spread his butter and taste every other slice of ham before eventually making a sandwich! He now wants to do everything for himself.
  • The kids got new wellies on the same day from Asda,  we rarely buy new so they were very excited. Sophie has a glittery pink pair and Alf a classic pair of green farmer wellies. They are all ready for wet days out now and lots of puddle jumping.

  • Getting a holiday through my blog to review - we are so excited and it was something I wanted to aim for when I started this blog so I was really chuffed to get the email.

  • Sunny day in the park with Soph which really lifted my mood, it was so pretty.

  • A fun visit to the farm and the kids favourite animal was the adorable floppy old farm cat with no teeth.

  • Meeting Alfs teacher and classmates for September and feeling reassured about the whole thing. I still want to lock him in and cuddle him forever but I'm beginning to see how much fun he will have. 

  • Getting some much needed new furniture for the house,  even if it has lead to flat pack hell. I can't wait to makeover my bedroom and actually have somewhere to store my clothes properly!

  • A date night with Adam and amazing food at Zizzis with an almost comically useless waitress! We have only been out a few times just us two after the last five years so we really enjoyed it.

Have a great week!

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