Saturday, July 09, 2016

School >> And So It Begins...

Last week we were invited in to Alfs school, a day I have been dreading since he was born. That day marked the official start of our school journey and the thought of it was utterly terrifying.

The school had split the reception classes up and Alf's best friend found out his class, teacher and start date weeks ago so we were really worried who he would end up with.

The good thing about Alf's reception is that although it's essentially two classes of 30 odd children, they mix at the most important parts - play times, lunch, so it wouldn't be the end of the world.

I picked him up and we headed to the reception classrooms and it looked so much like my junior school I think I felt a little more at ease. We had to collect his sticker to wear for the afternoon and soon learnt that he is one of four boys with the same name - this could be interesting! Or trouble.

I hadn't been too bothered which teacher Alf had as everyone loves him and he loves everyone, but I was really pleased that he has a male teacher as they are so rare in early years teaching and he straight away got stuck in getting to know the kids and showing them all the fun activities they had set up.

Things have changed SO much since I was at school, as well as the usual painted on hopscotch and things in the playground, they have all kinds of play equipment, exercise equipment and even musical activities - I would have had a whale of a time there as a kid!

Seeing the school, seeing the other kids and meeting his teacher has really put me at ease. Instead of being nervous I am actually really excited for him and I just know as long as the kids are nice he will absolutely love it.

Luckily for us, Alf will have his best buddy in his class after all, but his two favourite girls are in the other. I'm happy he will have someone straight away to stick to if he needs support but I just know he will be fine.  He will love it and it will make him super tired with all that fun!

Alf is such a funny clever little thing I have been truly spoilt having him pretty much to myself all this time and it's time to let him go, just a tiny tiny bit.