Tuesday, July 12, 2016

School Uniform On A Budget? >> Aldi School Range

If you've been shopping pretty much anywhere lately you'll have no doubt noticed the sudden influx of school uniform - it's everywhere! There is literally no escaping the looming start of the school (parent) years for me - aaaah!

There are so many different kinds, so many fabrics, so much choice, it's all a little overwhelming and when you start to add it all up, it gets pretty expensive too. Now I know why my Mum used to get cross when I lost my jumpers and laddered my tights every week! (Sorry Mum!)

With Alf starting school this year I am starting to look into our own uniform shopping and what with PE kits, spares, enough uniform for five full busy days, vests, pants, socks, coats, book bags, it all adds up and to be honest it's pretty daunting right now. There aren't really any corners to be cut and the quality needs to be high enough to last through countless washing, playground falls and school dinner spills. The school are pretty relaxed at this point so aside from the logo jumpers we are pretty free to buy from anywhere we like thankfully!

I've worked with Aldi a lot recently, so they kindly got in touch to let us know about their school uniform range that goes into stores this week. We were so happy to be sent a few samples of things to come and get more of a taste of what we will need. 

Most of this years polo shirts were actually from Aldi and they have been some our favourites - washing and wearing well and crazy cheap too. If you've not had uniform from Aldi before it's well worth popping in for a look as there is always a huge range and lots of learning tools too.

When you think of 'budget' school uniforms, I don't think it can get much better than Aldi and their £4 uniform deal. This includes a jumper, trousers or skirt and two polo shirts. I love the fact that some items don't require ironing too; As someone that would rather do anything but iron, this is a huge selling point for me! Gone are the days when it was cheaper for Granny to knit the school jumpers or have hand me downs sewn up with patches!

One of the biggest spends for me has to be the school shoes. The kids feet grow SO quickly, I can't really be spending a fortune on school shoes, only for them to be too small a week or two later, but £6.99 scuff resistant school shoes have to be worth a shot and they are pretty equal to look at too. There are also trainers for P.E lessons at just £4.99 each which will be so much more supportive than those floppy old plimsolls (though they are super cute aren't they?).

Here's a few more of the bargains in the Aldi school range, I actually can't believe how amazing the prices are this year!

  • 3 Pack of vests - £1.99
  • 2 Pack shirts - £2.99
  • 2 Pack polo shirts - £1.25
  • 5 pack socks -£1.79
  • Trousers & skirts - £1.50
  • 2 Pack pinafore - £5.99
  • Maths/English books - 99p

When you compare the full uniform costs to some other supermarkets, Aldi buys can save you up to 68% and even more when comparing to other high streets stores. It's well worth shopping around for what's right for you when it comes to uniform, but I can certainly recommend the Aldi bits we have tested out so far which are the P.E shorts, polo shirts, joggers and trainers. 

It's utterly terrifying that I have a child starting big school soon, but at least the cost of it all is becoming less of a worry with all the great deals on at the moment. It's all becoming a little more real now! I can only imagine how expensive it must be with more than one child in school and you really do have to make savings where you can nowadays don't you?

The Aldi ranges are in store (and online) from this Thursday (14th July). Do you have a little one starting school this year? What's your biggest worry?