Thursday, July 28, 2016

Carnivore Club >> Review

Meat by post?

As a self confessed meat lover (no joke intended) I was thrilled to be asked recently to try out a monthly subscription box for Carnivore Club, a service that started off in the US and Canada and has finally made it here to the UK - about time too!

I love all meats especially cured and snacks like Biltong.

Carnivore Club offers a monthly subscription box containing 4 to 6 themed and handcrafted charcuteries from Britain's finest Artisans. This is not like your usual stroll down the meat aisle - this is special and straight to you door too.

Cured meats like these really are an art form and the flavours put together in these boxes are just amazing and probably nothing like you will have tried before.

We were sent the July box which contained products from the Duchy Charcuterie;

  • Pork Chilli & Rosemary salami
  • Pork & Pastis salami
  • Pheasant & Pork salami
  • Coppa
  • Pork Snax
  • Biltong


My first reaction when I received my box was just how amazing the presentation was initially. The meat comes packed in a wood print box looking very official and of very good quality.

When I opened the box I first saw the salami sausages wrapped in paper and the flavour varieties sounded delicious. The Coppa looked tasty but the Biltong and Pork Snax looked ever so slightly less appetising, vacuum packed in clear plastic, though I was sure they would be tasty.

I was pretty pleased with the contents of my review box. The boxes cost £29 a month so they really are for true meat fans that will appreciate the quality and craftsmanship of the products and service.


This part was by far my favourite of all - the tasting. I started with the Pork Snax. These were really flavoursome and although slightly let down by their packaging and appearance (the dog was looking hopeful at them), the taste more than made up for it and I could happily of eaten it all day long and wished there had been a little more.

The Biltong again was vacuum packed, but was by far the meatiest and most flavoursome Biltong I have ever had, a million miles away from that bag of leather you get in the supermarkets and a thousand times tastier.

The Coppa was delicious and we enjoyed it both as a snack and part of a mixed salad, certainly not your off the shelf kind of meat.

The salamis were all perfect and by far my favourite things in the box. I loved the way these were packaged and from the off I was most excited to try them. The Pork, Chilli & Rosemary was a favourite for us both and I would love to buy that regularly, the flavours are so so good! 


We loved reviewing the Carnivore Club box. I think for me I couldn't really justify the monthly cost right now but it would be the most awesome present for any food lovers and those who understand the quality, will understand the price and purpose of these boxes.

I love the idea of getting food by post especially meat and as I have said on here before I think subscriptions for your favourite things in life are the best things ever, although definitely a luxury. I loved the Carnivore Club box and detailing, though I felt some of the product packaging let it down slightly, though this more than made up by flavours and taste which is of course the most important thing.

These meat lovers boxes from Carnivore Club get a big thumbs up from us. You can read all about them on the Carnivore Club website.