Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Star Wars Force Attax Update & Topps Shopkins Bundle Giveaway #lovetoppscards


I posted last month at the start of our play and collecting of the Topps Star Wars Force Attax Extra cards and have had so many people feed back about how much they love the cards too!

We also ran a giveaway for a selection of products, won by the lucky Mark J. Later in this post there is yet another giveaway, so please don't miss out on that.

We are so pleased that we have finally managed to tick off all the cards on the list and have a full set all proudly placed in Alf's folder which he has safely tucked away in his bedroom. The cards are so much fun to collect and bring back lots of memories for me too. Alf loves playing the game and it has really helped him learn his numbers, as well as a little more about Star Wars and the characters.

We did a fair few swaps to get all our cards, but we got there in the end!

You can read all about the Force Attax cards on the Topps website and start your own collection by picking some cards at some of your local supermarket or newsagents. Let the fun begin! If you are collecting or playing too, please let me know how you're getting along by leaving a comment below.

New collection - Shopkins!

As well as our Star Wars collection, both kids have started to collect the Shopkins cards together using their collectors folder and starter pack. These cards are fab with colour in cards and all kinds of fun designs to collect. The kids get super excited about these, they are bright, colourful and kind of lovable too.

You can read all about the Topps Shopkins trading cards over at the Topps website. I would have loved these as a kid, especially the colouring in cards and with such a large number to collect there  is a huge selection of adorable characters too.

We are just starting to put our collection together and Soph particularly likes the collectors tin to keep our spares in her bag. She is too young to understand the collecting part so between the two of them it works out well!

I'll keep you updated on our stash, but for now you can win a set for yourself on my giveaway below for your own little Shopkin fans.


If you would like a chance to win a Topps Shopkins collectors set for yourself, including; a Starter Pack, Multipack, Tin, 15 packets of cards, you can try you luck via the Gleam app below. Good Luck!