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This weeks happy...

Another week has flown by and it's time to have a quick look back at all the fun times and happy moments. This weeks been a little bitter sweet with Alf finishing nursery for good, but we've had heaps of fun so far and now have six weeks to make the most of our last days of freedom.

  • Woody walks with Peggy dog - Sunshine, picnics, beautiful forest, happy children, happy dog, happy us.

  • Birthday Prep - Pre birthday day out for Soph and the exitement of getting all her birthday presents and balloons ready, so exciting!

  • Party in the park - A family fun day at the big gig in our local park. It was nice to sit with friends and just feel relaxed. 

  • Blog love - After falling a bit out of love with my blog, I've had a fresh look at it and I'm excited all over again.

  • Me time - It may have been short and sweet but I enjoyed taking myself out for some retail therapy one evening stocking up for the week and treating myself to a few beauty buys.

  • Doctor referral - This may seem a strange thing to be happy about but after five years of pain with my back and pelvis, being told I was just to heavy for my body and given stronger and stronger pain killers, they have finally referred me to a specialist to find out whats going on. I can't believe it has taken so long, I'm a little scared but so happy I am finally getting proper help and wish I'd pushed for it ages ago.

  • Braving the scales - So it may have been a HUGE gain but I faced the scales after weeks of avoiding it so I can tackle this whole thing again.

  • House Jobs - I feel we are finally getting somewhere with the house again and starting to have a clear out, get some work and DIY done finally and start loving our home again.

  • Summer - It may be too hot for me, I may be a little sun burnt and clammy but I'm loving the sunshine and being outdoors even more than normal. I also have Alf off nursery now until he starts school in September so really need to make the most of it!

Have a good week!

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