Friday, July 22, 2016

The Kindness Of Strangers

Humans are weird. 

In the animal Kingdom things are much more straight forward, you have your enemies, you have your loyalties and the lines are never blurred. I have no desire to fling poop at people or ram people with my own head, but I just love the simplicity and honesty, the black and white of existence with no messing about or false hope.

For me, it's normal to be pleased for other peoples successes, happy for their happiness and hopeful for their futures. Who wouldn't want to see those around them find their happy place in life? The green eyed monster is rife as hell these days and I just don't understand it. It's selfish and it's wrong.

For some though, it seems that they just don't work like this. I find I tend to get much more kindness from strangers, just how strange is that.

Why is it so hard for people to be happy for others?

Bizarrely, a lot of the words of encouragement I receive come from total strangers. Those random people on the internet,  the other side of the screen that know what a difference a few kind words will make and support my journey, be it for weight loss or my venture with my blog. 

Strangers on the street will offer help sometimes, ask if you're OK on a bad day, but those that surround you can just walk on by, asking no questions. Bizarre.

I'm not entirely selfless, but I do think of others and genuinely love helping and supporting people where I can. I feel like I am always helping others but then when I need that help in return I end up flying solo a lot of the time.

But that's OK. There comes a point you realise that flying solo at times isn't so bad. It's far better to surround yourself with people that want to build you up and not break you down. Less is more and if that kindness come from strangers, then so be it. I am slowly building my 'tribe' and finding my feet around those with mutual respect.

Well today I'm thankful for the Kindness of the strangers.  The strangers that tell me I'm a good Mum, that I'm  looking good or that I inspire them in some way. I'm thankful for the people that will stop and help me in the street or acknowledge my existence on a rainy day with a smile or hello. 

Be kind to those close to you as well as everyone you meet, you never know how much it can transform the dullest of days.