Tuesday, April 18, 2017

5 Must Have Beauty Buys for Under £5

best drugstore makeup

Bargain beauts

I am somewhat of a makeup addict, pretty much a hoarder you could say with drawers, boxes and bags full of all kinds of makeup, I just love it.

Being a beauty addict isn't particularly purse friendly though. Sometimes you get to hear of something a bit more suitable for a small budget and when they are great to use and last well too, they are definitely worth shouting about.

Here are five of my current beauty favourites costing less than £5. One of these features all over my blog in different posts and will take a lot of beating!

Best drugstore makeup buys

Rainbow Highlight

If you haven't discovered the amazing makeup selection in Wilko stores yet, you really need to get on it. One of my favourites is the rainbow highlighting powder that creates the perfect rainbow ombré effect on your skin. The four pretty rainbow colours create an iridescent prism-glow on the cheeks and this little powder is a total bargain, a must have that doesn't flake or dust making it perfect for nights out.

Primark Lashes

Primark has completely upped its game in not only it's range makeup wise but also the quality. The lashes are just a pound a pack of strip lashes or individual lashes and do the job perfectly. The glue is pretty good too, though I do like to use my trusty Duo glue alongside. For a pound these are a must have makeup bag staple.

Garnier Micellar Water

I've featured this oil based water before and it is going to seriously take some competition to knock ift off my favourite five. This cuts through any makeup however 'long lasting' and is the only cleanser I have actually felt truly removes all traces of makeup, leaving the skin softer too. This is suitable for sensitive skin and does nothing but nourish the skin and make you feel fresher.

Essence Camouflage 2-in-1

The beauty world has gone a little crazy for the Wilko makeup range 'Essence' and in particular the foundation which has been compared to big brands like Estee Lauder, but a snip at less than a tenth of the price. Obviously this won't suit everyone, but for £3.80 it's really worth a try and I love it - great coverage and lasts me pretty well even in the sunshine.

Avon Dry Oil Spray

This oil spray is so popular and having previously worked as an Avon rep I can definitely say that it's a best seller. This wonder spray has all kinds of uses, it's suitable for dry skin leaving it conditioned and soft, packed with nourishing Argan oil.

Have you tried any of these yet? If so please let me know what you thought of them and if you have any tips, tricks or other purse friendly recommendations.