April 02, 2017

March Update >> Horses, Stress & Hot Cross Buns!

March has been OK. It's not been brilliant, it's not been particularly bad, it's just been OK. We've had some nice happy days, the kids seem to have been tired throughout and the mish mash of sleep patterns is just not funny! I feel like I'm forever chasing my tail and getting nowhere with life generally at the moment, but with a bit of help from my Mum I managed to get the house starting to feel a bit more organised and everything else, well I think we all just need the Easter break, a getaway and a bit of a break from routine and it'll all sort itself out.


Wearing - My biggest achievement this month clothes wise was braving a BRIGHT red dress on a night out. As someone that lives and dies in all black, this was a pretty big deal and I loved it! 

Food & Drink - This week I treated myself to an Easter egg to eat for no reason other than the fact I just love them and needed to get it out my system! Now, as long as I don't eat the other 10 in the house it's all good. I've also not been able to get enough of hot cross buns, I will just have to not buy them as they are impossible to resist!

Watched - TV has been rubbish recently, though I've got back into the soaps a bit and have probably watched far more kids TV than adults as well as watching Frozen about 50 times more this month!

Read - I've not read much at all this month, though I have dug out a book I got just before Alf was born that I've never read, so you never know I may actually read again soon!

Disliked - This month my biggest gripe has been those Mums that just cant be nice, putting others down to make themselves look better, whilst failing miserably. I hate that people can't just be nice to one another, parent and let parent! I've also felt really stressed a lot which I really don't like!

Loved - I've loved having a night out with Mr. W, having a few drinks, laughing and having fun with friends. I loved our day out at Bransby to see the horses too, it was just the perfect sunny nice day out.

Most popular blog post - My most popular post of the month (other than a giveaway post) was our makeover post adding wallpaper to our living room. If you missed it, you can click here to see it, but here's a preview;

Favourite Photo - I absolutely love this picture of the kids! This was red nose day and those there noses took three days to remove! Always use lipstick!

So that was March for me, how was yours? 

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