April 10, 2017

9 Easter Egg Hunt Ideas

Hoppy Easter!

What kid doesn't like an Easter egg hunt? I thought Easter egg hunts were just straightforward, hide some eggs in the garden and release the wildlings, but nope, as always things have grown and evolved since we were young into bigger better things.

Pinterest is awash with different ideas which quite frankly I would have never thought of but are so good I thought I'd share them to give you all a bit of Easter inspirado for the coming weeks. Egg hunts can easily be over in minutes, but with some of these ideas the kids could be entertained for much longer! 

New Egg Hunt Ideas!

1. Energy Burning by Eats Amazing | 2. Flower Eggs by Far From Normal |  3. Egg Popper Tree by Studio DIY | 4. Glow In The Dark Eggs by Smart School House | 5. Hunt With Clues by KC Edventures | 6. Balloon Eggs by Our Christiansen Family | 7. Nail Polish Eggs by Fall In Nail Love | 8. Egg Lunch Hunt by Glue Sticks Blog | 9. Puzzle Eggs by Make The Best Of Everything

I love all these ideas, it's really hard to pick a favourite but the adventure of glow in the dark eggs at bed time could be lots of fun, minus the bit where you tell them no chocolate at bed time! Popping in treats for older kids or even adults like the nail varnish is a fab idea, who wants to make me a hunt?!

The little lunch eggs are great fun and there is no way any kid will leave an egg untouched with the possibility of more lunch on offer. Collecting clues, puzzles pieces or even energy boosting tasks are all fantastic ideas and have so much potential for lots of giggles.

So there we have it, a little food for thought for your egg hunts this year. For tutorials, click on the maker links beneath the image above. Will you be going 'old school' or trying something new? 

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