April 26, 2017

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Family Home Makeover With Nectar

This week I've been tackling some much needed home improvements with the help of Nectar in a pre bank holiday challenge, utilising my points and special deals to make our home even better without costing a fortune and even collecting points to spend along the way.
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I absolutely LOVE buying bits and bobs for the house, with my only problem being I am not so good at replacing old with new so we are somewhat cluttered right now. With the bank holiday looming though, a time classically abused with housework and chores, we set about making a few early transformations, having a good clean up and a much needed declutter.

I decided to improve a small area of our kitchen,  replace our 12 year old fruit bowl with something more modern to renew the space a little making it more suited to my current tastes. I also gave our tired bathroom a little revamp with fresh new towels, to replace some that we got as wedding presents nearly seven years ago (eek!). We picked up a few plants to brighten up our lives a little and even got the kids a new little something for the garden to keep them busy over the weekend (weather permitting!) while we try and enjoy the time on nicer things than cleaning and tidying for once. We headed down to Sainsbury's as I love their home department and they always seem to cater for my tastes.

We started with a big clean up in our chosen areas, using products from Sainsbury's where we were able to collect 5 times the normal Nectar points for buying our regular products! I also linked up my Nectar card to my eBay account which got me 250 points just for the link up, perfect for my next shopping spree (offer until the 28th April). I popped over to grab my husbands birthday presents too, gaining another 45 points, with a further 45 from our shopping this week. It all adds up with 500 points giving you £2.50 to spend in Sainsbury's alone. Collecting points as you spend on every day items like food and even petrol, gives us chance to indulge in areas like this and you can too.

Collecting points is super easy, you just swipe your card on the checkout or link up for your online shop and you're good to go. There are so many places to collect and spend points now too!

Wherever you shop, it's always worth checking if they participate with Nectar, you'd be surprised how many places do and how quickly you can rack up the points to spend on special projects like this. There are also lots of special seasonal offers too, so it's well worth keeping on top of those.

Our Makeover

First up is our bathroom. We were able to replace the toilet seat, loo brush, bin, replenish our towels with these gorgeous nautical striped ones and even brighten it up with some decorative plants too. I already had the porcelain cacti so I added two fresh plants, as well as this cute little faux cactus. This may seem a small change but it was so cluttered with bath products before, it looks so much fresher and brighter now.

Kitchen & Garden. Every time I grab some fruit out the bowl I look at our old fruit bowl and surrounding area and think it just looks so naff and old. Now though, we have a gorgeous new striped bowl with another pretty succulent plant nearby to add a splash of colour in our creamy kitchen, I even added a lick of paint to the bricks! This area looks so much better now and I'm so happy with our buys. Now for some fruit shopping! I'll get more points with those too.

For enjoying the sun (hopefully) in the garden this bank holiday, we have the kids sorted with this play table and sand set from the fab outdoor range. They both adore playing with water and sand, so this will keep them busy for hours.

This set comes with all kinds of accessories and the sand was on the shelf right next door. This is a great way to create a new play space and collect Nectar points along the way. Our little garden tree is yet to be potted up but I'm so excited that this has given me a chance to make a start on the garden too.

I picked up these pretty picnic 'glasses' for us grown ups to relax with and this fun circus plate/tray to fill with snacks and treats. We can sit and relax while the kids play, happy that our 'dirty' jobs are done. I'm pleased that we've got so much done that we would have attempted over the bank holiday, so we can now just enjoy it and relax instead. How cute is this giant plate? They have a full range of summer products in this print and I may just have to collect it all.

If you're venturing into any home improvements right now, you can pop over to the Nectar competition #HomeWithNectar. where you can try to win a whopping 100k in points which is the equivalent of £500, as well as a prize from one of their home partners!

There are lots of offers to keep an eye out for, making shopping a lot more fun this bank holiday and you still get you Nectar points and more on your buys! Check out the Nectar Home & Living website to find out more.

Do you like any of our home improvement buys? What would you spend £100 of points on?


  1. Love what you've picked out!! I have so many points but never think to convert them!! x

  2. Thank you! I am a bit addicted lol. Sainsburys have really good offers through the year that's my favourite! X

  3. Love the stripey stuff & the plants! #ThatFriYayLinky

  4. Wow I love those glasses - gorgeous. This has reminded me that I must check my Nectar balance! I haven't for ages and it must have clocked up a few points as it's connected to my Ebay account!! #friYAYlinky

  5. Great picks! I absolutely LOVE Sainsburys home items! They are always so beautiful! Love the little plants, I'm so popping in my local store to see if they have any xx

  6. Your choices are so fresh and lovely - they would definitely freshen up any space for spring. I have been collecting Nectar pints but have no idea how many I have - you've motivated me to go and check, and possibly have a spend! #FriYay linky

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