April 29, 2017

April Update >> Babies, Beaches & Barbecues

April has been really good, with a birthday, a holiday and lots of family time I couldn't really ask for more. Here's what I've been up to...


Wearing - I've been eating a bit healthier this month and feeling less bloated, so I've been way braver with my clothes and started wearing my beloved pinafore dresses again which have been my favourite of all. My other favourite has been hoodies, I just can't get enough of them.

Food & Drink - After eating a few Easter eggs I've nearly had my chocolate fix now. I discovered mini peanut butter cups which may just finish me off, they are so good and so bad at the same time. We've had a fair few meals out in April with both our birthdays and the holiday. Toby Carvery is always a favourite though as it's quick, easy, tasty and always super child friendly. Home wise we have really enjoyed getting back into barbecues again and I really hope the weather gets better for more soon.

Watched - TV has been so much better this month, we've been enjoying First Dates, watched the second series of the Get Down which was just amazing and are now planning our next series to tuck into on Netflix, any suggestions?

Disliked - Last month my biggest hate was Mums bashing other mums (verbally of course), this theme has carried on again this month but my other biggest dislike has been the school routine! I know I'm always on about the school run but seriously this is not fun for anyone.

Loved - I've loved the seaside more than anything this month, it really is my happy place and we got to see lots of it. One morning we walked along rescuing starfish that had been caught on the beach and popping them back in the sea. Does it get better than that? My other loves have been meeting a gorgeous new nephew and seeing the arrival of the baby animals everywhere, especially the moorhen babies down the road!

Most popular blog post - My most popular post this month was my shopping haul with Nectar as well as our review of Diggerland in Devon.

Favourite Photo - This - no words needed, just perfect.

So that was April for me, how was yours? 

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