April 30, 2017

Avoiding Tantrums & Shopping From Home

Shopping in peace...

Shopping with the kids has been increasingly more and more difficult over the last year. Gone are the days of a peaceful mooch to pick up clothes and instead, whenever we attempt it we have tantrums galore, cries of 'oh not the boring shop!' and constant battles trying to stop the kids from hiding in rails of clothes and knocking things down. I get it, I really do, but sometimes it has to be done, we need to eat and we need to be clothed - sorry kids.

Needless to say, I'm becoming much more of a home shopper these days and although I can't always try things on or get exactly what I want, it's so much easier, less stressful and I'm becoming much more of a fan, despite shopping being my favourite ever pastime. Sigh.

Catalogues were always a favourite when I was a kid, I loved flicking through and seeing what I'd buy if only I was old enough. Nowadays though, it tends to be more screen based catalogues and websites that we stumble upon and it's such an easier way to shop. If you need help finding the right site for you and your tastes, sites like Just Catalogues can help by letting you check reviews and things like payment options. You can even request a paper copy of most, if like me you still enjoy a bit of paper every now and then.

I feel really sad when I wander down the high street and see shops closing, especially big names that have been around my whole life and I know it's largely down to home shopping. For us right now though, it's a complete necessity. As yet I've been really lucky and haven't had to send anything back, there's definitely pros and cons to it all but if you play it right, you can be a successful home shopper and avoid those in store tantrums too. However much you think your kids won't be those ones screaming the shop down, at some point they will! I must say though, I do buy a lot less when I do it online and with no little 'helpers' to keep amused it's far quicker too.

Here's my tips for successful home shopping;

  • Check reviews on the site/catalogue as a whole
  • Check payment options before shopping
  • Read individual item reviews to check for quality and sizing issues
  • Search for special offers and discount codes before checking out
  • See if you can find an item cheaper elsewhere with a quick Google search
  • Check measurements of clothing items against your own (sizes can vary so much!)
  • Find out postage and return costs beforehand
  • Find out if you have a local collection point for delivery as this can sometimes be cheaper
  • If food shopping, plan your meals before you start

Do you find shopping with kids a bit of a nightmare too? How do you get round it?

Disclosure : This is a collaborative post, all thoughts and words are my own. 

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