April 16, 2017

Post Holiday Blues & Needing A Change

We arrived back in Lincolnshire yesterday after an amazing eight days in South Devon and I instantly feel fed up. Knowing we were coming home the last couple of days had me already starting to feel low and stressed about returning to normality and made me realise just how little there is to do around here. 

We've done every park, every playgroup, every day out to death and I'm slightly losing the will with it a little and our weekends of constantly struggling for ideas to have fun, get out the house and not spend a fortune. There is a fair bit to do within a decent reach of home, but I'm just so bored of it all and I think we all are now.

Leaving somewhere like Devon with beaches all around, oodles of rolling green hills, quaint little houses that look like they have jumped out a painting and just a generally more laid back calming vibe has really got me thinking about needing a change in our lives. It's 'OK' here, but why live in the OK when we could live near our favourite place (the sea) and just have a totally different life.

As always we are held back by funds and lack there of, so any change can't be anything any time soon especially as renting prices are triple what they are here in any  of our preferred locations, never mind the cost of buying which we would struggle to do again if we left here.

I know I have so much to be grateful for but I can't help feeling that I want to be somewhere more inspiring, I want the kids to grow up somewhere prettier with more reasons to get outdoors and more exciting places to have adventures in the weekends and school holidays. I also don't want to look back in 20 odd years and think 'why didn't we make a change?'.

I'm hoping my mood will lift once I get over getting home and reality sets back in properly. Of course being on holiday is always going to feel nicer than real life, but I'm pretty sure it can still be improved for us as a family and there is definitely a lot of food for thought.

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