April 03, 2017

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Ahoy there!

My obsession with the sea, seaside and just about anything nautical simply never fades. This time of year is perfect for me as the nautical goodies start appearing in the shops once again and I get to adorn our home with some gorgeous new treasures! Hoarder? Me?!

There are so many beautiful things out there, it's impossible to choose just a few things, but here are some of my favourites right now, as well as a 'money and house size no object' buy right at the end that you may just have seen on another recent post. Enjoy!

1. Sailor Cushion from Asda Home | 2. Octopus Candleholder from Debenhams | 3. Boat Kids Chair from Cuckooland | 4. Vigo Lounge Rattan Chair from Cuckooland

Asda seem to be completely on the ball when it comes to home ware and in particular their cushions. Every season they come up with new ones that I always want, like last years tattoo style and gorgeous mustard corduroy selections. This time round, they have some fab animal and nautical theme ones which are just beautiful.

I am quite into chairs, especially having a feature chair in a room and even better, a gorgeous little people chair like this boat chair from Cuckooland, who may just be one of my favourite online retailers right now, their products are stunning!

1. Fish Plate from Mail Shop | 2. Beach Hut Lights from Homebase | 3. Home Brighton Garden Shed from Cuckooland | 4. Seagull Cushion from Asda 

Just how amazing are those little Brighton sheds? They also come in a baby pink and I would love to have a set of these in the garden, they're so unusual and much more fun than a regular garden shed!

Lastly, the ultimate splash out Little Mermaid shell bed from Cuckooland which is just utterly bonkers but I'd love a night in that! I absolutely LOVE everything here and if I can't live by the sea, then I'll just have to make my inner city home as coastal as it can be, minus the gorgeous views and relaxing sea noises. We are off to stay by the sea really soon and I just can't wait!

Are you a fan of all things nautical? Which are your favourites?


  1. Ahhh! I love all things nautical too, I particularly like the kids arm chair x

  2. These are beautiful things! I am jealous of anyone who gets to sleep in that bed! I love the sailor cushion and the fairy lights the most!

  3. I want the fairy lights they are gorgeous!! #friyaylinky