April 24, 2017

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Play Wild

The kids have recently discovered Animal Jam and simply can't get enough. This isn't just a set of little collectables, but actually a whole lot more. Animal Jam is an online game for kids where they can learn all about the natural world, while playing with friends. Alongside the game are some brilliant toys to collect, adopting pets with mix and match accessories, pet huts and igloos.

Last week we were sent a few preview samples from series two for the kids to unbox and review. Needless to say they were delighted and each play set comes with a special code to unlock content and redeem virtual items in the game which was actually made in association with National Geographic. A really good way to learn through play with animals and more.

Soph's grab from our unboxing was the little candy floss set with mini sweet treats that pop out, some special animals, accessories and food bowls. She also bagged a little igloo home with a surprise pet inside! The pink panda literally hasn't left her side since this arrived.

The kids absolutely adore these sets and get stuck straight in making up little stories and dare I say it, actually playing together really nicely! We've started to get stuck into the game too and although Soph needs a bit more practise, Alf (5) is a pro and is always eager to get this straight on when he's in from school. They love the special unlocking codes that come with the toys and the excitement of seeing what they will unlock.

The other bigger set we received was this little igloo set which Alf bagged (much to Soph's annoyance with there being a pink sparkly igloo and all!). This set appealed to Alf as he loved the animals inside with a lion, Lizard, Rhino and snake. As well as the animals and gift code there was another little selection of teeny accessories to add to their collections.

Although I'm not a huge fan of toys with lots of little bits, these are so diddly they can be easily stored and the kids take really good care of them too. There is so much scope for play with these and hundreds to collect along the way! 

The kids have collected a few different series now and one of their favourite things is to mark off the ones they have collected so far, making sure if they get any duplicates they get one each. Alf of course displays them on his special shelf and Soph has a special fish bowl in her room for her mini things.

Finding friends that also collect meaning they can trade is something Alf is just getting into and I'm sure will happen a lot more as he gets older!

So that's our treats from series two so far. There are some brilliantly designed little animals and they are super cute, reminding me of things like Polly Pocket that I had as a kid. I've always loved miniature toys and I love that these two do too. 

You can find out all about Animal Jam toys and gaming on the website www.animaljam.com and keep up with the latest updates from Jazwares and Animal Jam and by searching the hashtag #playwild.

Do you have any little Animal Jam fans at home?

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