April 18, 2017

Happy Days >> Pasties, Crabbing & Sunshine

It's been a while since I've posted a Happy Days post with my best moments from the week, but after being away on a gorgeous holiday last week with lots of happy moments, it's the perfect time to look back as we are suddenly crashing back to reality with returns to work and school.

This week's dose of happy

  • Having a go at crabbing and absolutely loving it! We ended up doing it a few times and can't wait to go again.

  • Copious amounts of pasties from our favourite bakery 'Gays Creamery'. They have the best selection of home made pasties, pies and cakes and we absolutely made the most of it during our stay.

  • Extra dog walks, seeing foxes and rabbits a plenty and a million stars that we just don't see here living in the city.

  • Seeing the sea every single day.

  • Catching up on sleep and long busy fun days.

  • Shopping in Torquay and a new Animal handbag.

  • The kids behaving really well, even on a 12 hour car journey packed with traffic jams and road works.

  • Building sandcastles.

  • Paddling in the sea with Alf who is the biggest water baby I know.

  • Not giving a damn about the diet and eating whatever we fancied.

  • Visiting Diggerland and getting to operate a HUGE digger all by myself - so satisfying!

  • Seeing black swan cygnets, so fluffy and cute!

  • Getting away from reality for a while and feeling relaxed (rare).

  • Getting home to a clean tidy house.

This week we are back to the school runs (argh) and already feeling the strain! 
Here's to a good week!

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  1. Oh Laura these photos are just gorgeous! I love being by the sea - I miss not being so close to Brighton don't you? Thank you so much for joining in #HappyDaysLinky x