Sunday, November 12, 2017

Christmas Crafts || 10 DIY Advent Calendars

I remember growing up, having an Advent calendar was just one of the most exciting things in the build up to Christmas. Being allowed a chocolate before school, however small it may have been, was such a huge treat and it was probably the highlight of my day! 

Nowadays, there are SO many options for advent calendars, from Lego to makeup and with a limitless budget, you can literally have a whole present daily - it's bonkers! I love the idea of the big advent calendars, but it can be lots of fun to make your own and does mean you can tailor it to your family/children's taste. Taking into account their favourite treats, things they are collecting and with any allergies in mind, you can create a dream come true advent calendar for any child or adult in your life. Here's just a few ideas that you can make at home. I'm absolutely loving the 'paint your own' MDF houses and little drawers, so sweet!

The links to each craft are below the next image, so if any take your fancy you can pop over to see just how to do it and where best to find the materials to make one yourself.

Home Made Advent Calendars

Such a sweet selection, I included my own bunting calendar from last year as it was just easy but looked really lovely. I have to add this next one too, which is a Home Made Beer Calendar from Me & B Make Tea. Such a simple idea but I can guarantee if you have a beer drinker in the house they will absolutely LOVE this idea and it would be so easy to do.

how to make your own beer advent calendar diy template homemade

For some ideas on what to pop inside your home made advent calendars (aside from beer of course), 'Family makes' has some great ideas for that too, from chocolate coins to mini Lego sets.

I love this little chest of drawers (affiliate link below) which would be perfect for painting up to make your own perfect advent calendar to fit with your theme, in my Amazon basket as we speak! -

Will you be making your own this year?