Friday, November 24, 2017

Home Learning || Upcycling Course Review

A little while ago I posted about a course I was doing with NCC Online, all about Upcycling. From a range of courses, I opted for something I already knew something about and something that I enjoy. I've never done an online course before, so I really wanted to start with something that was more for fun than anything else.

I really enjoy upcycling, especially when it comes to furniture so I was excited to see what the course had to offer. From upcycling clothing, to giving glass bottles a new lease of life, this course covers all sorts of areas, with an exam at the end to see what I'd picked up.

In the course, aside from the techniques of upcycling objects, there was also more in depth subjects like running a business selling upcycled goods, what the benefits are and a whole host of ideas of what things can be upcycled and what items can be recycled too.
In my exam I passed with just a few questions wrong, so I was able to download my certificate this week and add another string to my bow!

Course review

Now I've finished the course, I thought I'd write a review to let you know what I thought of it overall.

First off, as someone that loves upcycling, I really enjoyed this and found it interesting. I've come away with lots of useful info and a much better idea of not only new projects to tackle, but also a far better knowledge of the techniques, what materials to use and also how I could make money from it  -which I hadn't really considered before.

One thing I've learnt from doing a course online which is totally personal to me, but I now realise I much prefer working from books/paper to on a screen, so it did take some getting used to. That said, there's nothing to stop you printing it off and looking at it that way as it comes in PDF format. I loved being able to work at my own pace though, reading another section when I got chance and to choose when I was ready to take the exam. This is a much more flexible way of learning which is ideal when you have a busy family or working life.

I really enjoyed the content of the course, I felt some of the creative ideas and designs were a bit dated, but the ideas in essence were still good and easy to put a modern twist on. I would love this course in a book, so I'll be printing it off to look back on when needed. It was great learning more about the things I enjoy doing, that I can now do with a bit more efficiency and confidence.

I really enjoyed my first experience of home learning and I'm so pleased I chose this course. To see more of the courses on offer from NCC Online, click here to visit their website.

Have you studied online before?

*I was offered a course in exchange for an honest review, all words and thoughts are my own.