Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Home Style || It's Christmas Tree Weekend!

This weekend tends to be the most popular weekend for most of us Brits to pop up our Christmas trees and start the festive feelings flowing. The first weekend of December is where ALL the fun starts, with Christmas decorations, markets, school discos, parties, shopping and of course a years worth of mince pies to catch up on.

Every year Christmas seems to creep up earlier and earlier, by November this year I had at least three people showing off their Christmas trees and even bringing out the Elf! It's lovable madness, but for me it has to be December before I can get excited about it all, with the tree being the first and most exciting part of the build up.

Our Christmas tree

Every year we discuss a real tree, but usually end up pulling out the old 7ft artificial. Real trees are the very best, you can't beat the scent of pine needles and the excitement of choosing, but it usually comes down to cost and saving a few pennies on a new one by popping up our perfectly good alternative. My only regret is not buying a pre-lit version, as it's the lights we struggle with most, using two sets and usually getting in a bit of a tangled mess by the time we're done. 

When it comes to decorating, our theme really is 'no theme', with multicoloured decorations, flashing lights, special baubles from our travels and a new special one every year. We have pop pom garlands that I made with a rainbow of colour, tinsel is an absolute must and the base is usually covered with hessian as it's plastic and looks a tad rubbish!

The kids love to help, so we do let them but usually balance it all back out when they go to bed. They do have their own tree though in the play room which they can decorate however they want, mess about with and enjoy. After all, it is great fun decorating a tree so they should get their turn too.

I have been feeling really 'bah humbug' this year, but I am now getting in the spirit and I'm super excited to get our tree up now!

Will you be decorating your tree this weekend? If so, here's a few handy tips from Amara;

*Collaborative post.