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It's been a while since I've done a weight update on here or talked health, so I thought it was definitely time for me to be accountable, to fess up, be honest with myself and get everything down in a post.

The weighty issue

After Sophie was born I went on a huge fitness drive. Having had two friends pass away at ages 25 and 30, I felt it was high time to take my health seriously and get stuck into healthy eating and exercise. I lost nearly 5 stone in total, leaving me with around another 4 stone to lose as per the doctors orders. A huge task right?

Needless to say, I haven't lost that further 4 stone and I haven't in fact been as light as my set target weight since I was around nine years old! That is one reason I think as to why it feels so tough. Not only did my weight loss cease, but I also put three stone back on, purely from being greedy, not caring what I eat and being lazy due to my back/pelvis problems.

I'm so angry at myself for falling off the wagon, it's so easy to do but I have so many reasons to be motivated, I just have no idea why I let myself pile on the pounds so quickly - all that hard work, for nothing.

I've reached a point now where I feel I am ready to get back on it. I need to get back on it and frankly I have to for a better lifestyle. I'm in pain most days and although losing weight won't fix things, it will lessen the strain on my body and give me a boost in the happiness stakes. I feel like I would be a better Mum, wife and happier in myself if I drop the weight, not because I'd look better but because I'd have more energy, feel better and be in less pain day to day. 

Looking at the huge mountainous goal ahead of me, I've been told by doctors that ideally I need to lose around half my body weight (!!!) a whopping 8 odd stone (112 pounds) which just feels impossible right now. With this in mind, I'm going to ignore the big number and set smaller achievable targets.

My first aim is to lose the 12 pounds by the end of 2017, leaving me the 100 (aaaagghh) to tackle in the new year by losing two pounds per week to get me to goal. I also need to drink more water, I barely touch a drop now and I know that will be making me feel worse than anything else.

The simple fact is that I just need to eat less and move more, but it's so hard isn't it? Any tips are very very welcome, please feel free to leave a (kind) comment below or follow me on my Instagram health account