Logo Design With Logojoy || Perfect For Small Businesses

I think you can be the most creative person in the world, but still absolutely suck at creating a decent logo.

My blog logos and headers take hours, I don't think I'm ever particularly 100% happy with them and to look at them, you'd think they took seconds to throw together. I don't know what it is about logos, but they are hard work and make my mind go blank of all creativity.

It seems I'm not the only one to feel this way, lots of fellow bloggers, vloggers and entrepreneurs have struggled with this very thing and I can bet it's the most popular thing to outsource, when so much other  design work can be done ourselves. 

I'm well overdue a new look for my blog. I'm actually pretty happy with the simple layout at the moment, it does what I need it to, it's easy to navigate and it is clear what it is. My header/logo though is something I will change and as always I'm playing with ideas and looking for inspiration.

Logojoy kindly offered me a coupon code for this very thing, a chance to design a new logo quickly and simply on their website in this collaborative review post, exciting!

The great thing about Logojoy is that it's so simple, literally anyone including your Nan could work it out and come up with something pretty good looking to represent your home business or brand. With just a few simple steps, Logojoy creates a selection of logos for you to admire, then edit further if you desire using their fool proof software.

Step one

Start by selecting just five from a selection of previously created designs that you like, whether the font, style, layout or colours call to you, select your top five and move on to the next step.

Step two

Simply select your favourite colour palettes giving you the chance to select colours that reflect not only your tastes but your building brand too.

Step three

Next you can choose some symbols that may reflect your business or theme. I chose to skip this step initially but will be going back to play around some more! 

Step four

Next insert your company name and slogan if you have one.

Step five

See your generated logos! Next you will see all the logos the site has created, using your choices of favourite colours, fonts, styles and maybe even symbols if you selected those. If you don't like any, you can go back and try again.

Step six

Once you have generated your logos, you can select your favourites which will then be saved for you, and then edit down further. If you choose your preferred logo, you can then go in and edit colours, spacing, sizes etc etc until you have created your perfect logo.

This is such a simple and easy service, perfect for creating a new logo for your website or business, to use in any literature, or on merchandise etc. The possibilities are endless and it's a really fun and easy way of creating a logo, which is a job that is often pretty stressful starting from scratch by yourself. The best thing about this is that you don't have to be creative to design something that looks professional, it's pretty satisfying creating something on here as it feels like you've done all the work, even if this clever site has done the creative bits behind the scenes.

Visit Logojoy for more info, where you'll find you can even add on a social media pack which will give you everything in the right sizes for your pages and accounts, how handy is that! This is a paid for service, to have this kind of thing at your fingertips I think it's a great investment with some beautiful designs that can be fully customised.

Have you tried Logojoy yet?