Squirrels At Hartsholme || Lincolnshire

We love a woody walk at Hartsholme Country Park in Lincoln, and if you've never been you're missing out! With lakes to walk round and a great kids playground, it makes for the perfect free family day out. We've enjoyed it in all weathers, especially cold ones with a hot chocolate in the cafe at the end.

In the woods there has to be the most squirrels we've ever seen in one place and they are so friendly too. We love squirrels, or squiggles as the kids have always called them, so it's really lovely to see so many together.

I managed to get a few pictures while they came to say hello, so thought I'd share a few here. The people before us had left bird seed and nuts, so there was plenty to keep them coming back to us. Enjoy!

We can't wait to go back at the weekend!