Wednesday, November 01, 2017

Home Style || Cosy Christmas Living Room Ideas

As we're now in November, it's officially time to start getting excited about Christmas. In a matter of weeks after the fun of Bonfire Night, we'll be decorating our homes and getting ready for the most fun and cosy season of the year. 

It's nearly time to sort out those Christmas plans, decide who's going where and when exactly you'll see all the family. You may also be getting our family homes ready for Christmas and any guests you'll have to stay or visit. With the living room being the main feature this time of year, here are a few simple ideas to get the festive season into full swing.

Comfort on the Floor

Adding in some natural extra ‘seating’ on the floor can be a fun and cost effective way to get cosy in the living room. Some large cushions, bean bags, and throws can be great additions to the living room, with ample fluffy blankets of course! Younger children can get comfy in a pillow fort, or you could enjoy a festive family movie in a cosy nest. Soft lights and some scented candles will bring the space to life, adding that extra aspect of relaxation and comfort.

Practical Heating

As good as an open fire or a log burner looks, they actually serve a purpose and help to heat the room, without having to heat the whole house. So if you haven’t already got one, could this year be the year of the log burner? It's definitely something we'll be looking into at some point. You could get an electric fire for some added warmth if you don’t have a chimney. We have a really effective and low budget electric fire with a heater that heats the room so well, looks pretty realistic and adds a great focal point to the room during Autumn and Winter. Alternatively, if you have a space for a fire but don’t fancy an open fire, you could use the space to fill with decorations, chopped logs or candles for a truly beautiful feature.

Invest in New Sofas

Christmas is for family and enjoying time together. Whether that be your grandad having a snooze on the sofa or children opening their presents, you need plenty of places to sit. So if you are lacking in actual seating and floor options are unsuitable, a new sofa could be on the cards for Christmas and with so many offers on this time of year and guaranteed Christmas delivery, this is the perfect time for a family gift like this. Companies like the Chesterfield Sofa Company, for example, have leather sofas that could be exactly what you need to get cosy, along with some cushions and throws, a great investment and something that will have a huge impact on the look of your family room. For a smaller budget, you could always choose to reupholster if your current sofa needs a bit of love but still stands well and feels comfortable.

Think About Lighting

Thanks to the clocks going back, we now have a distinct lack of daylight which will only get worse in the run up to Christmas. For me, this all adds to the atmosphere and cosiness this time of year and I really quite like it. If you want to maximise the daylight that we do get, as well as have your artificial lighting looking good, pulling curtains and blinds can open up the space and help the natural lighting that you do have to come through. When night falls, keep the brightness going with a variety of lighting; Wall lights, main lights, as well as table/floor lamps are a good way to go, then you can adjust accordingly with a few added candles for a little more relaxation. 

Make Your Mantle piece a Statement

If you’re lucky enough to have a fireplace and mantle in your living room, then embracing it and making it a statement in the room can be a good way to go. Thick garlands could be draped over it, intertwined with fairy lights to make the whole look pop. It could also be the scene for a nativity or of course the perfect spot to hang some beautiful stockings.

Tall Tree

If you have a large living room with a tall ceiling, make sure that you make the most of it with a tall tree. Older houses tend to have higher ceilings and some with big bay windows, perfect for a large statement tree. Fill the space with a gorgeous tree to really embrace the festive season and make the living room look like a cosy Christmas haven. Plenty of lights on the tree are a good idea too, so that it really sparkles, makes a feature of the room and looks pretty from outside too.

Compliment Your Colours

As much as a traditional Christmas theme might be red, green, and gold, you don’t have to choose those if they are going to clash with your current home decor, though I think if there was ever a time to get away with a colour clash, it's Christmas! You can literally choose any colour nowadays though, so regardless of your colour scheme or style, there will always be decorations to suit. If your living room is quite neutral and warm, then choosing gold for your tree decorations would look much better than silver for example. Choosing colours that won’t clash with your current decor can really work with the room, but also bright multicolour tree decorations can look fab against a white/grey neutral room, making the tree really pop out as the main attraction.

What's your favourite part of decorating for Christmas?

*collaborative post