March 24, 2016

GymCube Review & One Year Membership Giveaway!

Review & 1 Year Membership Giveaway

I am just over half way to where I need to be in my health quest now and really feel that I need to get focused on the fitness side of things, as well as the healthy eating.

I have a temporary gym membership which I am just starting and loving it, but even though my main program is only half an hour, by the time I've got there worked out changed and come home it's a huge chunk of my evening gone and sometimes I just need a quick workout before tea once the kids are in bed, or maybe even during the day while my youngest sleeps.

I was contacted recently by GymCube and offered a trial membership for their online fitness site, offering numerous workouts of varying levels of effort and expertise. I couldn't wait to get started once I had my first log on and look around the site. There seemed to be such a great variety which makes it a much better option than following the same old workout DVDs over and over!

So what's on offer?

GymCube has been developed by leading fitness and nutrition experts and tailored specially for us members, making it super user friendly. GymCube makes it easy to get the results you want, for a healthier happier, better you from the comfort of your own home whatever your abilities.

The GymCube website features a choice of exercise programmes and workout videos along with all the resources, such as bespoke nutrition guidance, that are needed to achieve specific results.

There are a team of experts available online at GymCube consisting of award winning fitness professionals, celebrity personal trainers, successful athletes and nutritionists.

The workout videos include a huge variety of sectors from yoga to hiit training. There is even a dance workout - perfect! 

"The very best online exercise programmes, workout videos and nutritional information to help you burn calories, lose fat, get fit and tone up conveniently in your own home so you get maximum results in minimum time." - GymCube.

Who can use it?

There are so many workout classes on the site that target different areas of the body and can be as high or low impact as you like so plenty of room for improvement as we progress from class to class. It doesn't matter what level of fitness you are at, there is a really good selection to choose from and the best thing about being at home is that you can look as silly as you want while you do it, pause it to grab some water or have a quick breather. There are classes that are more for strengthening muscles and something for everyone from the more beginner level to the advanced. As long as you have a suitable device and internet connection, you can use and enjoy GymCube. 

As a Mum with two young children, this site is perfect to fit in a quick workout at nap time or when they go to bed without having to sacrifice a huge chunk of my time and money to visit a proper gym. Using Gym Cube for my workouts also means I can stop it at any time if the kids need me and if I really dislike a class I can simply turn it off and choose a new one and nobody knows!

What equipment do you need?

To get started on your workouts you don't need anything in particular apart from your computer or device. Pop on some comfy leggings, trainers and a tee shirt and get started. Nobody can see you sparkle (sounds better than sweating) so you can really go for it and work off the days woes, even if like me you look like a monkey having some kind of seizure when you work out!

If you have a yoga mat, then that's a bonus but not essential and otherwise you just need yourself and a few minutes to spare. Some workouts do recommend small pieces of workout equipment if you choose those, but nothing is essential to start, just you and your body!

What's it like?

I was sent my login details and got started straight away. I found the website really easy to navigate and love that it keeps a running total of the calories I've burned through the week. I can tailor my workouts to my mood, energy levels and specific areas I want to target.

Gym Cube offer a free 30 day trial which I would really recommend signing up for. After your free trial you can choose to stay on at £9.95 per month on a non contract basis so it can be cancelled at any time. Considering the costs of a decent gym and the fact that we find a million and one excuses not to leave the house to go, this is the perfect alternative especially if you have a busy family life, we can all spare ten minutes for a more toned tum!

I've really enjoyed working out with GymCube and although I haven't used it quite as much as I'd have liked to so far, I have completed a great deal more workouts than I would have working out alone in the same amount of time. 

I love that you can set up your dashboard just for you and also see a record of classes and minutes completed as well as calories burned, it kind of makes you competitive with yourself to achieve a higher calorie burn. I also loved the chillout Ibiza yoga and Ibiza dance workout, these were definitely up there with my favourites.

When I write reviews I always try and point out anything negative or any improvements that could be made but I can't really think of anything for GymCube. For me, it exceeded my expectations in terms of choices available and ease of use and I think the price is pretty good too, so there isn't really anything not to like. Having the 30 day free option means that if you don't like it for any reason or can't get motivated without a gym environment then you can just cancel, so there is literally nothing to lose. 

The only thing that is vaguely negative is that I couldn't work out how to log out, but this really wouldn't be an issue in the slightest, I just wanted to get back to the front screen to find something for this review!

As I have enjoyed my sample membership, GymCube have kindly offered a full one year membership free for one lucky reader! 

How can you win?

To be in with the chance of winning the one year membership to GymCube worth £95, simply enter via the Gleam widget below. Good luck!

In the mean time, you can pop over to the site and browse the site and access your free 30 day trial. If you cancel in that time no payments will be taken either so it's a great deal. To see my other giveaways please click here.

This competition has been listed on Prizefinder and the U Me & The Kids Linky. I was given a free membership in exchange for an honest review. 


  1. I had baby number 3 last August so would like to lose a stone before my maternity leave finishes in August. My work is full of glamorous, gorgeous women so i'd like to be fitter, healthier and less wobbly before i return. Thanks

  2. Claire Elizabeth Noke25 March 2016 at 22:50

    I NEED to lose weight for my health, im approx 4 stone overweight for my height and my legs and back are suffering :( I would like to be healthier for my 3 children too and do more with them xx

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  13. I am currently a member of a gym and I would like to go more than I can, which has only been a few times a month so far! I have Multiple Sclerosis and with that have Chronic Fatigue. This means that everything I do usually takes up 10 times as much energy as it would for someone without MS. Sometimes, by the time I have got upstairs, got into my gym clothes, got back downstairs and prepared a bag for the gym, I am already exhausted and often don't have the strength to go to the gym! It would be lovely to have the option to exercise from home, at my own pace, when I do have a random burst of energy!!!

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