April 24, 2016

32 Things I've Learnt In 32 Years

Birthday - yays

Today is my birthday and I Turn 32 years old, so I thought I would share a whopping 32 things I have learnt in my lifetime so far. 

I'll steer clear of the obvious things such as the alphabet and how to make toast as I have pretty much perfected those (Ha) and instead focus on any life lessons or wisdom that have come my way so far. I have no idea where the last ten years have gone and when I look at the things I have achieved in that time, I think I can be really proud of myself. I have changed a great deal and my hopes and dreams are completely transformed from the things that have happened along the way. I wouldn't change a day of it.

32 Things I've learnt in 32 years

  1. It's important to look after yourself.
  2. There is no point obsessing over the way we look.
  3. Time goes a little fast each year as you get older.
  4. Time goes even faster when you have kids.
  5. Quality of friends is far more important than quantity.
  6. Some things do taste as good as skinny feels - sorry.
  7. I tend to get on better with people that like animals.
  8. If you have a talent you should use it.
  9. It's not worth falling out with family.
  10. Sometimes strangers are the kindest.
  11. Health is massively important.
  12. If someone wants a break from you, they are not the one.
  13. It really is all about the little things.
  14. It's not all about the hokey cokey.
  15. Doing a job you enjoy is life changing.
  16. Money does make you happy - having none makes you miserable.
  17. Sometimes things happen that don't make any sense.
  18. Karma is a thing.
  19. Being positive makes a huge difference.
  20. You really are what you eat.
  21. Sunshine makes everything better.
  22. Thing's definitely happen for a reason.
  23. If you get the chance to travel, you should take it.
  24. You should always say goodbye, kiss goodnight and say I love you.
  25. There is no such thing as perfect.
  26. We learn more from our children than we teach them.
  27. You need to love yourself before you love anyone else.
  28. You should be kind to everyone, even if they don't deserve it.
  29. If everyone smiled, the world would be a much better place.
  30. There is always someone worse off than you.
  31. If you aren't happy, you need to make changes.
  32. Only YOU can make your life as you want it.

That's my lot for this year. I'm off to hopefully have some cake and a much needed day of fun, sun (not guaranteed!) and family time with my favourite three.

Photo credit - Pinpoint Media Lincoln.


  1. Happy belated birthday, hope you had a wonderful day :) xx

  2. Fab list hun, I agree with every single point. Hope you had a fab birthday xxxx