April 11, 2016

Get Your Run On: Aldi Specialbuys

Aldi Specialbuys: Running range - 14th April

It's that time of year again when thing's brighten up a little and lots of us join in on the running action, signing up for local 10K races and even some brave souls for the bigger marathons too!

I would love to get into running and I will have to give it a try now I have shed a few pounds and have also been sent some samples of the new Aldi running products, due in store from this Thursday (14th April). There is no better time to get started and look the part too.

I would love to have a go at the couch to 10k programme some day and eventually I hope to get really into it. I love the idea of popping on some good music and having a bit of freedom while I get fit at the same time.

No matter what level of running you are (my current running level = potato) there will be something to cater for your needs. With a selection of performance trainers (£12.99-£19.99) you can pound the pavements in style and even the more seasoned sprinters will get the help they need to go the distance

Roger Kerry, Associate Professor of Physiotherapy at the University of Nottingham, stated;
“When selecting a running shoe, it’s crucial to find one which is comfortable and works for you. Aldi’s Premium Running Shoes are comparable with considerably more expensive, high-end styles, both in terms of comfort and fit, as well as durability and construction. I have been incredibly impressed with them - the sole in particular is excellent for road running and easily lasts as long as more expensive alternatives”.

There's a  huge range of items on offer to help you get started with your running journey, or just to help you keep up your speed. The items on offer (while stocks last!) are;

  • Pain relief massager - £49.99
  • Coolmax gel insoles - £1.99
  • Running jacket - £9.99
  • Running trousers - £8.99
  • Stasher bottle - £6.99
  • Running sports bra - £5.99
  • Seamless tank top - £5.99
  • Shorts - £4.99
  • 3 pack running socks - £3.99
  • Flashing bands & clips - £3.99
  • Polorised sunglasses - £3.99
  • Mid compression running socks - £3.49
  • Running accesories - £1.99

My absolute favourite in this collection are the range of running accesories such as the super soft wristband/cuff with a zip, perfect for keeping the house key in while you are out on your run. There's also packs of hairbands featuring reflective strips for safer evening runs and super comfortable runnng socks that won't disappear in your trainers! These accessories start at just £1.99, so there is something for all budgets too. 

Aldi’s Specialbuys Running range will be available in stores nationwide and online at www.aldi.co.uk from the 14th April. 

If you are in need of some sports gear, then I would definitely take a look in Aldi. The products we have tried out are amazing quality for the price and performance wise they are perfect too. Why spend more? 

Although aimed at runners, these items would also be suitable for any sports activities, gym use and even just the every day - I know the zip up cuff will be perfect on my holiday to keep change in for the beach!

Happy shopping!

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