April 18, 2016

There's Always Tomorrow

There's always tomorrow...

I'm laying here in bed reflecting on what has been the most awful week and ridiculously silly 24 hours. 

Today we were meant to head off on a family adventure to Wales, Soph's first real holiday where she can interact more, the break my husband desperately needs and the holiday Alf has spent 12 months getting excited for. 

However - I'm laying in my bed. We couldn't go.

Just over a week ago I started to get really bad pain in my back, pelvis, neck etc etc etc. This soon developed into full on bed rest and a week of writhing in pain being beached on the floor more than once, it's been really tough on us all. 

Family and friends have been great and Adam has been amazing at holding everything together despite working his 40 hour week and getting barely any sleep, so I am lucky on that front.

I woke up yesterday excited that my back had loosened, physio had put my pelvis back where it should be (ongoing PGP) and it seemed we would be able to go on holiday after all so we excitedly packed.

Woo hoo! 

This morning I woke up with terrible pain again. A week of codeine had, well to put it politely caused a big blockage! I was in agony and without going into too much detail, I spent 8 hours of today in the bathroom until finally (again not going into detail) things were 'relieved'! I then discovered the shower decided to burn out so I had to shower at a neighbours. Fun times! 

At least we could finally be on our way.

We eventually got everyone in the car, suited, booted and raring to go. An hour onto the M1 and all power cuts out on the car, the engine management light lights up like a beacon and over to the hard shoulder we go. I could not believe this was happening. 

Our only option was to be towed back home in the most hideously stinky filthy rescue truck, that was so bumpy and high to get into, it hurt my back again!

You couldn't make this stuff up could you?

So that's it, we are back home with a bit of hope left that we will be able to get fixed tomorrow and perhaps have our little holiday.

The dog was happy to see us and Alf is super excited to tell his chums at school about the tow truck ride (hell for me, adventure for him as always). Every cloud...

Today just wasn't meant to be and I can only think some kind of fate stepped in and decided we needed to not go today for some reason, hopefully a bloody good one.

Fingers, eyes and legs crossed for a luckier day tomorrow!


  1. Oh my god I can't believe it Laura!! I hope you manage it today. As you say, everything happens for a reason and yesterday wasn't meant to be. You'll never know why of course but just know there was a reason. xx

  2. What an ordeal! Keeping everything crossed for you guys. You definitely need a holiday now! XX