April 28, 2016

I'm a little in love with SMILE by Julien Macdonald!


Word of the week this week seems to be smile. Everywhere I look I've seen the word, I've felt it, I've seen lots of smiles on holiday and enjoyed a week of firm smiles plastered on all of our faces. I know, this is all sounding a wee bit happy for me isn't it! I love finding new labels that make me go 'Ooh!' and this one did just that.

When I got an email introducing the new smile range from Julien Macdonald for Mothercare, I just knew it was a sign to take a peek and I LOVED what I saw - I'm so happy Soph is still dinky so she can fit into the larger of the sizes. These are for naught to twos (I know I wish they went bigger too!) and they have a unique little range for boys and girls that would make perfect new baby or birthday gifts and if you like something a little different, you'll love these!

I don't even know where to start with which of these is my favourite! A cat shaped novelty shawl? Yes please. A biker jacket all in one? Yes yes yes! Which is your favourite?

You can shop the range here - oh, and my sincere apologies in advance to your bank account!


  1. OMG the biker jacket onesie is soooo North West!!! Amazing!

  2. Oh my gosh. That dress & leggings with kitties on the knees! So cute! Does it come with ears?? Awwwww!
    Sarah xx

  3. Ha these are so cute!! Such great creativity X #FriYayLinky