April 17, 2016

My Top Ten Blog Peeves

Just Blog Off!

I was recently tagged by the lovely Sian over at Quite Frankly She Said, to take part in a tag that's doing the rounds right now, listing our 'top ten peeves about blogs'. You can read Sian's post here. I decided to take part because as much as I love blogging,  I also love moaning - so this is ideal. Ha.

I love writing my blog and read a lot of others as I have done for years, but some things bring on an almighty 'tut' and a big fat page exit for me. Some things just make me wonder about certain humans at times; here's my top ten blog peeves.

1. When bloggers write crap reviews.

I'm sure you have seen them, the ones that give us all a bad name. I was talking to a PR agent the other day and they were telling me how they had sent a nearly £300 review item to a blogger and their child didn't like it so they literally put a two line review saying that the item looked good, but they couldn't use it so therefore couldn't review. Seriously??? Have some respect, communicate with the brand or send the damn thing back. I love reading and writing a thorough review and as a blogger it's your job really to review it properly. We are not obliged to write a review, but I think respect and common sense has to come into play at times too. Do you agree?

2. Bitching on blog forums.

Generally I'm blown completely away by the Kindness of the blogging community and how helpful everyone is in terms of referring others for opportunities,  events, or providing technical support. Then, as always there are those 'playground idiots' that like to stir trouble or fail to conceal their jealousy for others successes. One I really really hate is when someone is excited at their 10k hits for a post for example and someone else jumps in to say 'mine had 20k'. Big whoop for you,  but don't steal someone's thunder or do the 'proverbial' on their parade, we are all on the same journey and part of that involves being happy for others. I really appreciate the time that goes into being admin of a Facebook group and it really is zero fun. Hats off to all those that do it.

3. Pop ups!

If I'm visiting a site I can deal with a pop up that maybe comes after a minute or so - one pop up asking me to subscribe or visit another account or social media hike, but if I'm constantly having to click crosses just to read what I came for? I'm straight out of there.  

If you so use pop ups, keep them subtle and please test the mobile version to make sure it's easy to close! I wonder if they are worth having, but I'm not sure I ever will, simply because they irritate me so so much.

4. Auto messages.

Those auto messages (crowd fire etc) thanking me for following on Twitter and begging me to now follow their Facebook, Bloglovin, email subscriptions, Instagram, kitchen sink, etc etc. This is especially annoying when that person followed me first and I'm merely following back to be polite! Either send everyone a simple thank you tweet or leave it. I did have one recently that apologised for the robot message, it made me laugh so I did actually follow his other channels out of respect for the thought he had put into making it funny, whilst also understanding they are annoying. If this was you - thanks for the giggle.

5. People using their blogs to damage brands.

Don't get me wrong, I have sent the odd DM to a company to ask for help, I've sent the odd tweet saying I'm not happy knowing it will prompt a response, but trying to use your powers for evil as a blogger is never a good thing. 

Firstly,  what ever your issue is it most probably doesn't reflect the whole brand.  Secondly,  unless you have tried and failed with standard complaints, there really isn't any need to publicly criticise a brand, especially when other bloggers get involved. I think sometimes we have to remember that although they are big companies, there is still someone at the heart of it somewhere that will a feel the affects of slanderous comments. Use the power of blog as a back up but not as a bully tactic to get your way. Instead of tweets etc, why not write a constructive post with a full explanation, but only as a last resort.

6. Zero effort sponsored content.

As someone that has now committed to my blog for my full time job, sponsored work is very welcome and I try my absolute best with each and every one. You never know where these things could lead and you are also far more likely to get repeat work that way. Not to mention just wanting nice posts on my blog for my own satisfaction.

I've noticed some bloggers, sometimes ones with good stats,  high rankings etc get paid work but do what is a clearly a rushed and half arsed effort at a post. I am surprised sometimes that brands are happy with these posts, though I know occasionally it's more about link quality possibly over content, but it really bugs me as I just think how much I would have loved to have written the hell out of that post.

8. Sweeping statements.

When I write my posts I try and be really careful not to ruffle feathers - though I fear this one may just a little. I can't stand debates or arguing, it just seems so pointless. We may have different opinions, good for you, live and let live I say. 

Some posts I read can be really insulting making judgments about certain types of people or presumptions on others. I think it's obviously OK to say your piece, it's your blog after all but there are ways and means of doing things without causing unnecessary offence and it's always best to do your homework before making sweeping statements that could offend.

9. Terrible pictures

OK hands up, if you look through this blog you will find some pretty rubbish pictures in the past but it's something I have worked on. There are so many sites and apps to edit a basic picture that you can make almost and picture look good. 

I am also really anal about the pictures on my site being square. Sometimes I have to change it slightly but it drives me crazy when I do! I don't expect everyone to be so obsessed with having all things perpendicular (don't even look at my messy sidebar right now) but when there are shapes and sizes all over the place and no trace of any kinds of theme, I get kind of twitchy. My blog will never be a clean white crisp tidy site, as my life is just not like that, but I do like things to look nice, especially when representing brands. Terrible personal pictures however is quite alright ;)

10. Competing for work

Generally as a blogger, any work you do tends to happily drop into your inbox or grow from some sort of organic communication.  There are some sites though that advertise sponsored work and even though I put my name down in the queue every time, a little bit of me cringes at the cattle market feel of those posts and the way we all have to 'me me me' in a begging like bid for work. Needs must and all that, but I'd love to not need it.


That's my top ten, though although I initially struggled, I can easily think of more. Chucking just one more in the 'F' it bucket, I'd say I mostly dislike how popular blogging is now, I wish I had discovered it years ago!

I absolutely love it, it's like the job I always wanted but all made by me. At times the whole blog thing is slightly tarnished by the Zoella wannabees,  the people that want in on the action but have none of the passion and the fact that suddenly everyone wants a piece of the action even if it means piggy backing off of our hard work. Grr.

I'll really stop now. I swear I am actually not this miserable and I have written a post about the things I love about blogging so that kind of balances things out!

Time to pass the moaning stick on, I'd love to hear what these guys have to say and hear their top ten too! Over to Claire, Lucy, Angela, Sarah&Louise if they would like to take part. Please tag me so I can read you peeves ladies!

What are your blog peeves?

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  1. Yessss! I was cackling away to myself reading these!xx

  2. Haha love this!! I agree with allllll of them!! x

  3. Good peeves and I agree (I think) will all of them. Pops ups annoy me if they come up as you say immediately, but subtle ones I think have a place and there is no denying their worth. If you want to ever sell a product in the future or want to grow follower numbers they def have a place. Fab post huni. Thanks for linking up to #TheList x

  4. Ahhh I hate those stupid pop ups! Especially when i'm on my tablet, as I can never close them. Its the most irritating thing!
    Sarah xx

  5. Auto messages!! Deffo so annoying! Really takes away the personal aspect doesn't it?

    1. It really does! I've had some really awful ones recently too! x

  6. Really interesting article. I'm not a blogger and have no desire to be but having read quite a few blogs it's lovely to find the ones that are honest, dedicated and not simply in it to get as many 'freebies' as possible. Keep doing what you do xx

    1. Hi Anne, thank you so much that is truly a lovely compliment :) It's a lot of hard work so I really appreciate that xx